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Dumont Boy Collapses and Dies While Playing Basketball

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Dumont NJ,  14-year-old Aaron Vasquez unexpectedly collapsed and died while playing basketball this past Saturday, November 20, 2021. Vasquez had finished practicing with his basketball traveling team, when he decided to stay longer at the Grant Elementary School to play with his younger brother, according to witnesses. CPR was attempted on site then members of the Dumont Volunteer Ambulance Corps rushed him to Hackensack University Medical Center, where he was later pronounced dead.

Andrew LaBruno Mayor of Dumont said in a post on Facebook :

“Yesterday evening, our community suffered an immeasurable loss upon the tragic passing of one of our young residents and students. Our hearts and prayers are with the child’s family and friends as they navigate the unimaginable pain of losing a child.

Per Superintendent Poidomani, Dumont Public Schools will be offering counseling and bereavement support services to any student who feels affected by this tragedy. Members of the district’s Crisis Response Team and the Bergen County Traumatic Loss Coalition (TLC) will be available to meet with students, staff, and parents individually and in groups on Monday and Tuesday, as well as over the coming days and weeks in all of our schools. Please contact your child’s school if you or your child is in need of assistance.

The days and weeks ahead will be challenging for our community. We will be in contact about opportunities to offer care and assistance to the affected family. Now, more than ever, we must come together as one big family to unite, uplift, and support our neighbors.

Please find it in your heart to help the Vasquez family during this unimaginable time.”

10 thoughts on “Dumont Boy Collapses and Dies While Playing Basketball

  1. Vac’d?

  2. My guess is that this kid had a undiagnosed heart condition. My brother passed away from the same thing. It occasionally happens with young athletes, who have these sudden deaths while appearing physically fit.

  3. “Heart attacks in healthy 14 year old kids are completely normal” – Pfizer

  4. Prob enlarged (undiagnosed) heart….

  5. Vexx’d?

  6. This was in my FB newsfeed yesterday morning. Almost all commenters expressed the concern of him being vaxxed. Then all of a sudden the post was taken down. The FB police can’t allow doubts about a very legitimate concern about the vaccine and the high probability of myocarditis in young people.
    May he Rest in Peace and may his parents find the strength to get through this very difficult moment!

  7. ” high probability of myocarditis in young people”
    Not a high probability, in fact extremely low. Much lower than the incidence in people who actually contract Covid-19.
    Additionally, the link has only been shown with Pfizer. Moderna can also be given to young males (over 18)

    Heart-inflammation risk from Pfizer COVID vaccine is very low

  8. The vaccine killed this kid. And it has killed thousands of other people. Certain at risk people are good candidates for this vaccine. FOr some people it makes sense. FOr young healthy people it makes NO sense for them to be vaxxed against COVID. COVID is NOT dangerous to young not at risk health people. Neither of my sons is vaxxed. THe vaccine does NOT stop the spread or transmission of COVID. This boy was killed by the vaccine. This is dr Fauci fault. Fauci and pfizer and hundreds of others in the medical establishment are murderers and the time will come when they will face justice for their reckless pushing of an unnecessary and often unsafe gene therapy agent on people who dont need it.

  9. The comment above saying the risk for heart inflammation is low….. Listen you can risk your own children on those low chances if you want to, but not my babies. We had covid. We have antibodies. And those risks are far too Greta for me. Any risk is too much of a risk for me

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