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Early to Bed Early to Raise Makes a Man ….tired


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, American was built on hard work and up until the 1960’s we were a culture “early to bed ,early to raise ,makes a man healthy wealthy and wise . “

There is a  big new push to change the start time for Ridgewood  middle and high school schedules ,which according to often quoted studies can lead to significantly improved shut-eye for students. Researchers surveyed around 28,000 students in the Cherry Creek School District in Colorado over two years and found moving school start times later in the morning resulted in increased sleep times of around 45 minutes for students, according to research published Thursday in the journal Sleep.


A new study published in The Journal of Pediatrics sounds an alarm for parents of school-age children, finding evidence that inadequate sleep affects a child’s positive development. Previous research has associated sleep deficits in children with increased substance use, higher rates of depression, compromised alertness, and impaired decision-making.

While  we agree nothing cures what ails you like a good night sleep , later start times may promote even later  “get to bed times” , starting the cycle all over again ,calling for even later start times.  Since we come from a more practical background and these are merely observations , what we ask are kids going to do when they have to work?   The work ethic in the US is already almost non existent. Unlike 40 years ago many 25 years old’s have never held any kind of a job what so ever. They often enter the workforce with no life or thinking skills and clearly have never read a book . While I have had the opportunity to hire many amazing exceptions , I and many others are becoming increasing concerned .

On the positive side I have to admit that sleep cycles are important and I have noticed however unscientifically that for myself that  if I get up 1/2 later ie 5:30am ,instead of 5am it seems to make a huge difference in how rested I feel . I have also noticed that if I wake up at 4am its too early no matter what time I go to sleep.

So are we breeding a bunch of lazy bums or is this really a good idea?


3 thoughts on “Early to Bed Early to Raise Makes a Man ….tired

  1. we breeding a bunch of lazy bums

  2. Get your rest.

  3. I would propose it’s not the hours of sleep that is the problem but the number of hours doing outside activities. Kids don’t have enough down time to explore their minds, their world, their neighborhood. Time spent walking aimlessly, reading a book for pleasure, building forts, running back and forth between houses…. that too is down time for the growing brain.

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