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Easter Eggs You Probably Missed in Spider-Man across the Spider-Verse

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The highly anticipated sequel to Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse finally released this year and all Spider-Man fans all over the world have been euphoric. It is believed that Spider-Man across the Spider-Verse is definitely the best Spider-Man movie created yet, and we couldn’t agree more. The movie continues the story of Miles Morales after the events of Into the Spider-Verse when Miles and his friends work together to stop the Kingpin and his supercollider and they go back to their respective universes.

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Back to Spider-Man across the Spider-Verse, here are some Easter eggs that you may have definitely missed while watching the movie. Warning, there are spoilers ahead, stop reading if you haven’t watched the movie yet:

1.A Greater In-Depth Insight into Gwen’s Peter Parker

In the previous movie, we were only told that Gwen’s best friend Peter died because he had turned himself into the Lizard. However, we finally get more details on what the storyline was like in Across the Spider-Verse. Peter was bullied by kids at school, which grew his frustration, and anger. Eventually he created the serum to turn himself into a giant Lizard. He heads to the school dance so that he can exact revenge on his bullies but he instead has a head-to-head fight with Spider Gwen. 

In the aftermath of the fight, Peter sustains a lot of injuries and goes back to his human self. However, the injuries are so severe that he actually ends up dying and that is how Gwen’s best friend dies. Gwen also gets on the bad side of the cops and it becomes difficult for her to live in her Universe as she is suspected to have murdered, though she didn’t. 

2.The Mention of Yuri Watanabe

If you have played the 2018 game Spider-Man on the PlayStation 4, you would remember that Peter works very closely with a police lieutenant called Yuri Watanabe, who is later set to become an anti-hero called Wraith probably in the upcoming Spider-Man 2. At the start of Across the Spider-Verse as Captain Stacy is chasing after the Italian Vulture, one of the officers at the crime scene is called Yuri. 

We believe that it is very likely that this Yuri is the same Yuri that we have seen in the comics and in the game and she might even become Wraith later in the storyline. 

3.The Subtle Reference to Spider-Man No Way Home

While explaining that there have been multiple instances where the multiverse has been disturbed, Spider-Man 2099 A.K.A Miguel O’Hara also makes a reference to Tom Holland’s Spider-Man and Doctor Strange by saying that “Don’t get me started on Doctor Strange and that little nerd back on Earth 199999”.

This was a direct reference to the events of No Way Home where Peter asks Doctor Strange to cast a spell so everyone can forget about his identity. Consequently, different villains from different universes end up in his universe, which also causes the two earlier Spider-Men to arrive as well. 

4.Ganke Plays 2018’s Spider-Man by Insomniac Games

Since we’ve mentioned 2018’s Spider-Man on the PS4 a lot in this article, the game also made its way into the movie. In one scene as Miles returns to his dorm, we can see Ganke sitting on a chair as he is invested in a video game that he is playing. If you look closely enough, you will notice that Ganke is actually playing Spider-Man too! 

However, one thing to be noted is that the game is a little blurred out so that it would fit the animation of the movie. This is also interesting in the sense that Spider-Man Miles Morales dropped in 2020 and it actually features Ganke as a character too!

5.Donald Glover’s Entry as The Prowler

Back when Spider-Man Homecoming came out, we were introduced to Aaron Davis’ character who was played by Donald Glover. This is the same Aaron Davis who is supposed to be Miles’ Uncle Aaron. He also mentions that he has a nephew in the neighborhood and that he wouldn’t want weapons around, which marks the possibility of the existence of Miles Morales in Tom Holland’s universe and that we might get to see him too. 

Donald Glover also makes a cameo in Across the Spider-Verse where he is in his full Prowler gear along with the other Prowlers from the other universes as they are kept prisoners in the Spider Society Headquarters, meaning we might get to see Donald in Tom’s Spider-Man sometime soon too!

Wrapping Up

Across the Spider-Verse was definitely a very intelligently made movie and when people say that it is the best Spider-Man movie yet, they aren’t wrong. Now we can’t wait for Beyond the Spider-Verse to come out so we can see what’s next for Miles. 

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