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Easy way to get 100 Twitter Followers


Twitter remains one of the most lively social platforms. It has a unique format, that is different from the majority of other social networks. No wonder that many people seek success as a blogger on Twitter. And on this network, gaining more followers is vital for development. We want to give you tips that will help you to increase your number of subscribers easily and reach your goals. 


On Twitter, it is important to keep attention at the mentioned ratio. Without it you will not be able to grow your blog. In order to make your tweets appear in users’ news feeds more often, you have to make sure that you have it right. Twitter has a few limits that make the work more complicated. You can only follow 40 people a day. Users can become your subscribers only by their own desire. However, if you need to reach balance in your ratio, you can purchase, for example, 100 Twitter followers (click for more) and fix your numbers for better performance. 


When you need to expand your influence on Twitter, you have to post regularly. On this network, the more is the better. It may seem a more aggressive strategy, but it is proven to be fruitful and effective. For a successful realization of this tactic, specialists recommend uploading three to seven tweets a day. This frequency allows you to appear in the news feed regularly and thus attract more readers to your profile. The secret of Twitter is that you can concentrate not on promotional posts, but on topics which are interesting and compelling for you. 


Timing is vital for a blogger who works on any social platform. Twitter is not an exclusion. For gaining more followers you simply must plan thoroughly what time is the best for your tweeting activity. Some brands post more tweets, around twenty, to embrace a bigger audience, but for personal blogs, this method is not always the best one. To make a proper schedule, you need to analyze the following characteristics of your public:

Region of living

These are the main features that will help you to decide when is the perfect time of your activity online. 


Even though Twitter is based on texting, having visuals added to your posts can work better for you. That is because human perception by vision is primary. It means that pictures and videos are more catchy and interesting to users, so do not neglect to upload a relevant photo or video content to complement and highlight your texts.

Tip: people love infographics. Try to include them in your plans to increase sharing. 


Not many people know it, but Twitter is where hashtagging was born. Tags help users to search and categorize information that is relevant to their interests. For bloggers, hashtags can serve for increasing discoverability within the platform, and of course, gain new followers. Even the single tag added to your post can boost your engagement and interest in your profile. The best categories of hashtags to use are:

Industry tags, related to your niche
Challenges and fun
Topics ( like #theworstdateyouhad)


Communication is a must for a blogger on Twitter. Unlike Instagram, where you can pick the interest of the audience by pictures, on Twitter you have to talk to the public. This is a key to get more followers. You should reply to as many tweets that are addressed to you as possible and also don’t be shy to enter discussions of fellow bloggers. Doing so is a good method to attract the targeted audience. Tag celebrities or politicians, to bring up the themes that can initiate a long conversation. 


Pretty much all is said in the name of this paragraph. Promote your Twitter from time to time, when you feel the need to gain more subscribers. Cross-platform promotion can give you a constant flow of new readers if you will put some efforts into developing your other networks. 

Leave the link to your Twitter on other profiles
Update the links to keep the audience engaged
Use Calls-to-action for encouraging your followers to meet you on Twitter too
Create buttons on your website which lead to your Twitter


To attract more followers, your profile page has to be neat. This is the first thing that a user will see when he opens your page. The main points to pay attention to are:

Good profile photo. Facial portrait is preferred, as a profile avatar is quite small.
Information about you, or bio, has to be short, informative, and a bit witty to gain the loyalty of your potential followers
Pinned tweet that represents your blog the best. It doesn’t have to be promotional, but it has to show what you know best.

Also, as we are speaking about a personal blog, you need to stick to the name. Your personality has to be the most interesting feature of your blog, whatever the main topic is. 


Increasing the number of your followers is a process that never ends. You must grow your blog constantly to have more influence on Twitter. Along with all the tips that we gave you above, we want to highlight that your first concern is producing high-quality content, that will not only bring you new followers, but retain the one you already have. 

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