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Elon Musk just became Twitter’s largest shareholder with a 9% Stake

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Elon Musk has purchased a 9% stake in Twitter. Musk raised questions on whether the platform was undermining democracy and restricting free speech in recent weeks. He had considered starting a rival social media network. US security regulators have fined Musk for his tweets in the past. Musk is still facing heavy pressure from the SEC over his tweets.

An SEC filing showed the Tesla CEO bought 73.5 million shares, representing a 9% stake in Twitter that’s worth more than $3 billion. The stock jumped 27%.


5 thoughts on “Elon Musk just became Twitter’s largest shareholder with a 9% Stake

  1. This guy is a hero.
    Saving free speech.
    I’m sure the Democrats will try to have their puppets at the SEC limit ownership in order to Silence him

  2. They HATED having to give him a seat on the board, but if they didn’t, he’d just buy the company via hostile takeover… he’s got the $$$$ to do it.

    Here’s hoping there will be more free speech on twiter.

    1. The Democrats (i.e. the actual DNC, the supporters & the MSM) have been stifling the free speech that goes against their narrative. Anything that goes against their narrative is considered hate speech. It’s settled science, okay. Trump is a racist. There’s no need to debate it. Cut him off. The fact that their collective messaging makes up the overwhelming majority of news is not enough. They want to shut off anyone and anything that is not on their side. This absolutely frightening almost total control of all media should scare everyone. Thank God for Elon.

  3. Let’s not forget…. they LOVED Trump when he was “just” an opinionated, high powered real estate mogul.

    Once Musk formally gets into politics… the knives will come out.

    1. Trump was dead-on when he platformed on draining the swamp. He really did try but the swamp is extremely powerful. This idiot Dem supporters with all their idealistic ways should have cheered on Trump. The reality was that deep down, the guy was more in tune with many of their beliefs. But no, they drank the Kool Aid that Nancy and CNN fed them, and they worked themselves up into a frenzy, believing all that Russian interference crap.

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