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Enhanced technology use continues in Ridgewood classrooms

Enhanced technology use continues in Ridgewood classrooms
Tuesday March 19, 2013, 11:06 AM
The Ridgewood News

If they want to keep their “sushi monster” happy, children need to know their math facts.
Ridgewood High School students in French 5 Advanced Placement work on their laptops and iPads.

“Sushi Monster,” a free iPad game produced by Scholastic, is just one of several games that Willard School teachers are using in their classrooms as part of the school’s initiative to integrate technology into the classroom in a fun way.

This year, the district has taken a heightened interest in improving its professional technology savvy and integrating technology into all curricular areas. The success of iPad usage at Willard and other schools is giving the district extra impetus to keep forging forward with a variety of technology goals planned for the future.

One thought on “Enhanced technology use continues in Ridgewood classrooms

  1. Education needs to be a game to keep their attention. Edutainment is the future.

    Once the school gets all their staff to use technology consistently they will be able to move technology into the classroom. ONE signon to access all aspects of the RPS system. currently we have a mashup of different applications pretending to be a student access system. How many signons do high school students need to know? How many teachers just post grades because they can’t or won’t put all of the class information online?

    You can’t move forward till the teachers are comfortable with the technology.

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