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Ridgewood to pay firefighter’s legal bills


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Ridgewood to pay firefighter’s legal bills
Wednesday, March 20, 2013
The Record

RIDGEWOOD — The Village Council has agreed to reimburse a fire captain’s legal bills from his successful overturning of a decision not to promote him.

The village will pay nearly $5,000 in legal fees incurred by Capt. John Albano, a member of the paid fire squad for nearly three decades.

Last August, the New Jersey Civil Service Commission ruled that Village Manager Ken Gabbert tried to circumvent the rules that govern military veterans’ preference, when he improperly denied a promotion to Albano, then a lieutenant, a year earlier.

The council last week voted 3-1 to reimburse Albano $4,853in legal fees. Councilman Thomas Riche stormed out of the council chambers just before the vote.

Albano was one of three people that Fire Chief James Van Goor presented for two captain positions in the department. Christopher DuFloucq, Albano and Robert Kozielski were listed in that order, according to the ruling.

17 thoughts on “Ridgewood to pay firefighter’s legal bills

  1. Stormed out of the room?? Very professional of ya Tommy Boy!!!

  2. Weren’t they required to? Gabbert tried to extract payback and got caught. Court decided he had been wronged and he was promoted. It only seems right that they paid the bills. Council should take it straight from Gabbert’s inflated salary.

  3. They were not required to pay his legal bills. His attorney forgot to include that in the settlement agreement. The Mayor did John a favor.

  4. the mayor did him a favor, yea hello.

  5. Yea the Mayor did him a favor. If the court did not mandate payment the why did the Mayor push to pay him. What is the Mayor going to pick and choose who get taken care off. Its all about the votes.

  6. I don’t want to highjack this thread but does anyone know what happens when you lie about residents on you initial employment application. I can’t find the answer anywhere. Can someone steer me in the right direction.

  7. #6 I KNOW WHAT YOUR TALKIN ABOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  8. Im really not talking about anybody just need some information. I know there are a lot of intellectual that read and wright on this blog maybe they know the law.

  9. the bottom line is the top fucked up .

  10. Title 40 case law states the complaintant must make application for reimbursement and the ad law judge may rule on it, this was a civil service case Comes under 4a (Ithink) but the 2 are different statutorily and with regards to case law the town was obligated to pay . BTW Gabbert stated he didn’t know Albano was a vetran he was quoted so in the paper. ( Really you got to be kidding)

  11. Bombose at it again

  12. What war or conflict did he serve in? Or was he one of those (Era) veterans who were never in country

  13. I knew one of those guys who said he was a Nam Vet and was classified that by civil service. Turned out the guy never left Washington DC. That where he did his whole stint in the military. In my opinion you should not be classified a Vietnam Vet unless you were actually there .

  14. #12 The state of N.J. determines who is and is not considered a veteran. The fact is Gabbert admitted he failed to do his job when he said he didn’t know Albano was a veteran.

  15. more tax dollars wasted by our manager. when is this council going to realize gabbert is a liability not an asset.

  16. 13 during the vietnam era many males were drafted against their will many served in nam others didn’t. But you had to go period. If memory serves me correctly 24 months was the sentence. For this I would grant them vetran status regardless of their duty assignment. No I am not a vet or was I ever in the military.

  17. A Veteran is a Veteran regardless of serving in a war.

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