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>Eric has his defenders

>Reading these comments shows me just how much people are interested in the lives of other people. It’s sad the time people spend worried about other families when in fact they should be focused on their own families; let me tell you no family or person is perfect. Unfortunately for Eric’s sake he got involved in a relationship with Beth Rhoten, that ruined it for himself and the Rhotens. And yes Beth was charged in court, but Eric allowed her to take a plea deal so she would not go to jail. After this Eric was left with little certainty about his future. Being forced into Washington Heights was that much more difficult for Eric after being here. On top of that he could not play sports at all which probably would have been his future.

He was back in a home where is mother did not have enough money to survive and he did work in a hospital and gave her most of it.
Friends in Ridgewood urged Eric to get them drugs because they he could if he tried. This is clearly when Eric saw an oppurtunity to feed himslef, help is mother, and go to school. No doubt he made a mistake, but Eric never asked anyone to do drugs or that he sold drugs. He simply got drugs for his friends in Ridgewood when they asked.

As far as his arrest people are confused. A twenty year old from Ridgewood (many know who this boy is) who is a heavy drug user introduced Eric to an undercover cop because he got in trouble. This boy was doing herion and selling oxycotin, which was all from Irvington and Allendale. He threw Eric under the bus so he would not get in trouble (which he didn’t—great legal system). He told people he was going away to rehab but is still here and probably still doing and selling drugs. He knew Eric could help him by getting him drugs and then blamed everything on Eric so he would not get in trouble.

One could not say that Eric was selling drugs in Ridgewood for the past years because he was seriously into his sports until he got caught up with Beth Rhoten.He never filed a civil suit against the Rhotens nor wanted anything from them. He spoke up so the sexual problem would stop. And Beth his not a poor soul she talks about half this towns kids gossiping like her family is better than everyone else.
Eric learned his lesson and i know he is sorry what he has done to the community. I have heard his say “He will never have anything to do with illegal drugs again.” Everyone is trying to put Eric down when they don’t even know him and just beleive what they are told. He is a good person at heart and other people influenced him to do bad things for them, not the other way around.

People need to stop judging every single person they can criticize, everyone makes mistakes. If your kids really want to do drugs they are doing them there are plenty other of people who can get them. So if you are spending time reading this worried about Eric you should be with your family worrying about your own problems.

Signed a personal friend of Eric’s


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