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Even Biden Voters Think He is Doing a Bad Job

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, a liberal group recently assembled a focus group of progressive and moderate Democrats in the swing state of Pennsylvania. All of the participants had voted for Biden in 2020.

Jonathan Last, editor of The Bulwark summarizes the group’s findings:

Every single one of them thought Biden was doing a bad job. But that’s not the bad news.

Every single one of them thought things were crappy in America right now. Still not the bad news.

Not one of them liked Biden personally. They all viewed him as a normal, lying politician.

Now we’re there. Here’s the really bad news: None of them believed that Republicans were to blame for the administration’s failures.

If you are a Democrat, this should scare the living death out of you.

11 thoughts on “Even Biden Voters Think He is Doing a Bad Job

  1. and they all would vote for the next empty vessel (D)

  2. You buy a house plant, you get a house plant.

  3. Good to know that people are aware of the mistake they made in supporting Biden.
    You can’t help but see the oddity of Biden every time he tells the press “I’m not supposed to answer any questions”. He’s the damn president! Who is telling him not to answer questions?
    At other times he simply turns and walks out on a press briefing earning him the recent nickname “Walk Away Joe”. Obviously he’s a puppet with someone else scripting exactly what he can say. Whoever is directing Biden is running and ruining America and Biden seems to be simply enjoying playing dress up in suit and tie for the cameras.
    He is also a disaster as commander in chief. Afghanistan and the exit strategy that effectively got 13 US Marines and 200 civilians killed during the botched exit from Kabul is a prime example.
    There was a time decades ago when Biden wouldn’t have subscribed to the wreck of our southern border with more than a million illegals pouring in unchecked for Covid or for criminal backgrounds. There was a time decades ago when Biden actually supported the brave job of law enforcement officers. But now he’s a feeble weakling being pushed around by progressive handlers behind the scenes. Is this the leadership we want?
    Behind door number 2 is Kamala Harris who nervously laughs when asked anything because she does not have the capability to be president and her nervous laugh would make any good poker player know she’s bluffing her way through it.
    So should we expect her to be a great president if Biden gets the 25? Nope. Reportedly, she is even less admired than Biden, if that’s possible.
    The Biden administration leaves nothing to be desired. If you care about the future of our country it would be wise to pause next time you plan to push the button for a progressive Democrat politician. They are not even hiding the fact that are constantly contributing to the decline of our country via their “wokeness” which is nothing but cultural rot.

    Last week Jill Biden was in NJ pleading with NJ voters to re elect Phil Murphy because “my husband needs Phil Murphy to continue to be a partner with our agenda”. Aligning Murphy with Biden should produce the biggest STOP sign you can envision. Murphy is another progressive “woke” hack who doesn’t care one iota about NJ. Just about the prestige of being governor. That’s not leadership to fix our state.

    Vote Murphy out.

  4. Ingrates!

    I mean, in this life, how many times do you ask for something and actually get what you wanted?

    I am happy for them, they are of the fortunate few.

    And then this?

  5. “Murphy is another progressive “woke” hack who doesn’t care one iota about NJ. Just about the prestige of being governor. That’s not leadership to fix our state. ”

    Just keep in mind, that before the last election, Murphy clearly stated that he wanted to make NJ the CALIFORNIA OF THE EAST.

    And we can thank Christie and his stupid beach act (I didn’t want to disappoint my family) for helping him out……

  6. Regaining power in Washington is always the primary focus of the political parties so that their philosophy of government’s role in our way of life can be executed. Our last general election had this goal and only this goal by the opposing party: Get Trump out. The Dems got out the vote, got Trump out and duped all who voted for Biden into thinking that they were getting a moderate Democrat president. Are we better off now than we were with Trump in office? If you answer is yes, then Joe’s your man…

  7. But yet the same knuckleheads will vote for murphy for more of the same far left policies. A bunch of sheep. In ridgewood same hypocrites who convinced you that it was ok to give up ur school budget voting rights. Start taking charge of your life…

  8. Even Jon Stewart is back-peddling these days.

    What an all-star line up: AOC, Sanders, Schumer, Pelosi, etc.

    I can’t include Sleepy Joe here because he’s not aware of what he’s being told to do.

  9. If you didn’t already need enough reason to vote Murphy out. Biden’s wife just threw him an anchor by tying him to Joe. We can’t afford either of these guys – they’re writing checks that we can’t cash.

  10. Joe and Jill Biden MASKLESS strolling through an indoor Washington DC restaurant last week (on camera) glad handing patrons. This while Washington DC protocol is for masking at indoor establishments. But no masks for the Washington DC elite. Only for you and me and our kids.

    Same with Phil Murphy sitting inside maskless with a crowd last week at his Monmouth County Chairman’s event. Indoors. No mask.
    Earlier in the day Murphy said “this masking stuff is ridiculous”. Hey, you got caught on camera Murph. Why so defensive?

    Your kids have to be stifled with a mask for hours each day in school but the elite Democrat politicians can go maskless anywhere they please.

    No wonder their approval ratings are dropping. Vote for them and you must love being bullied by tyrants taking your tax dollars, telling you what to do but they do what they want.

  11. Go out and get more toilet paper.

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