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Even COVID-19 can’t stop Ridgewood’s Spending Binge


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, its just amazing given how much has changed since the COVID19 pandemic and the economic shut down that has ensued .

There are currently over 850,000 unemployed people in New Jersey , many of which have not received any benefits to date , businesses are closed and small businesses get no relief . Hospitals are tethering on the verge of financial collapse and the teachers pension is bordering on insolvency . Governor Phil Murphy in his own words has threatened to lay off 100,000 ,yes 100,000 state workers .

Yet the Ridgewood Board of Education and to some degree the Village Council, and the Ridgewood Public Library are still plunging head long into nothing less than what can only be described as an irresponsible spending binge with no plans of scaling back what so ever.


4 thoughts on “Even COVID-19 can’t stop Ridgewood’s Spending Binge

  1. What say you ms walsh

  2. It’s OK…
    We are RICH and STUPID

  3. Hey Voter, why not ask Mayor Susan, errr ahh, Mayor Ramon?

  4. Gotta get more emergency vehicles and two more Tahoes & an Explorer under state contracts. Don’t forget to tint all the windows so Guido Pete the ‘roid pig can sext with underage girls while him and his partner are smoking marijuana. Don’t worry, there won’t be any oversight or Governance from this Village Council if you are caught.

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