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Everything You Need To Know Before You Use Kodi For Sports Entertainment

You might have come across the name of Kodi and seen its name pop up sometimes online. If you are new to Kodi, it is apparent that you do not know what it is and why it is popular today. Kodi is a free media player software that is open source in nature for managing your media collection of television shows, movies, sports events, photographs, and music. If you go back into the past, you might even remember the Xbox Media Center that was immensely popular before 2014. Well, this same XBMC has been renamed to Kodi, and it is one and the same thing.  

Note that even after you download and install Kodi on your device, this does not mean that you do not have to subscribe to media streaming services like Hulu or Netflix or for music app services like Pandora or Spotify. The USP of Kodi is that it supports multiple types of files and offers you the compatibility of media streaming with many devices. This is why it is popular today. This post offers you a guide to understanding what Kodi is as your media manager and why you should bank on it for your overall entertainment experience. 

Know what devices Kodi supports 

Experts in Kodi say that you are likely to have at least one device that will support Kodi as this free media player software is available on Linux, Windows, Android, Raspberry Pi, iOS and macOS. Like all software programs, it needs to be installed and updated at regular intervals so that it functions without any hassles at all. When it comes to the installation of Kodi on Windows and macOS, the downloading process is very simple. You need to just get the Kodi installer package to start. However, the installation of Kodi on any RPi or iOS device is a bit more complex, and you should refer to a credible guide or tutorial online to help you with the downloading procedure.

You have the option to sync all the media libraries across several devices with the help of Kodi. You can use addons or a local network for the task. In case you wish to get a media player that is dedicated in nature with Kodi in every room in your home, you can also go ahead with that as well.

Who manages Kodi?

Kodi is an open-source platform that is managed by XBMC Foundation that is non-profit in nature. Multiple add-ons and features of Kodi are driven by the large Kodi community. This is why when you use Kodi; you will find that it is subject to regular updates. For getting more information and news on the new releases that are scheduled for Kodi, you can always visit its official blog to know more. If you are keen on developing new features for Kodi, you can download Kodi Builds launched recently. However, most users of Kodi generally stick to the stable and popular releases of Kodi. The development Kodi Build is Version 19 that is known as Matrix, but if you wish to stick to the standard stable Kodi version, it is Kodi 18.1 or Leia.

The Kodi experience of entertainment

The best part of Kodi is that it is the ideal platform for home theatre setups and other devices that can be connected to speakers and projectors. For instance, if you love live sports, you can install Kodi sports addons and watch your favorite game live on an HTPC setup. At the same time, you can have a number of configuration and personalization options hidden in your menus. For this, you do not have to dig very deep into the settings option to optimize it to its fullest potential. Ever since Plex has discontinued its support for HTPC, Kodi sure has a bright future. In case you do not know what Plex is, it is a media server that is simple for users to use and set up as well.  

When you use Kodi, you will find that on the left -hand side of the interface, there is a vertical menu with a list of your content. This media content includes radio, music, movies, and more. The set up is very much the same as other file managers, so it is not hard for you to learn how to organize your media content. Kodi also has a search bar to help you find your media files, addons, or YouTube content as well.

Using Kodi on your HTPC set-up 

If you wish to use Kodi on your HTPC setup, you will find that the presence of power settings in the prime interface makes your task easier. You can get other settings for information here as well, like an overview of your usage, information pertaining to connectivity, battery levels, and more. The system clock is located on the upper corner on the right so that you do not lose track of time when it comes to a full-day movie marathon.

When you examine the interface of Kodi, you will find it is dark in color, and there are many menus that help you to consume and organize your media content without hassles. In fact, you can navigate through Kodi with a remote better than a mouse and keyboard. Kodi also has support for games and radiofrequency. It works on tablets and smartphones as well.

However, when you are using Kodi, make sure that you install a good VPN for secure and private access. Like if you love games, you should search for a free VPN for ps4 and install it first before use. In case you do not use a VPN, the ISP can track all of your online activities, and you can even fall prey to hackers.

Therefore, when it comes to Kodi, it is one of the best media playing software platforms ideal for almost all devices. You can get a wide range of entertainment from all fields and have them stored in one place for your viewing needs with success!

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