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Factors to consider for watch selection during your visit to a watch shop Singapore

With so many different types of watches available at varied prices, choosing a watch can be a harrowing experience. One may get watches at a watch shop Singapore that costs just a few dollars, and there are watches costlier than pricey cars. So, which to buy can be a tough call. Besides the design and style, it is wiser to focus on the functionality first to move towards making the right choice.  

Quartz and mechanical watches

Watches are either mechanical or quartz driven. Quartz watches are not expensive, easy to maintain, and have an extremely high accuracy of 15+- seconds per month. These watches run on lithium-ion batteries that last for almost three years. Some watch batteries are rechargeable like the Citizen Eco-Drive watches, which are solar-powered, and some other types like the Seiko Kinetic are rotor powered, and the wrist movement recharges the battery.

Mechanical watches are expensive, and some of the modern timepieces have an accuracy of 5+- seconds per day. A mainspring drives the watches, which could be either self-winding or automatic or may require manual winding. Self-winding watches have a rotor that oscillates with the wrist movement and helps to wind the mainspring.

Case and case back

The case of the watch contributes to its looks and safety, and you must consider the shape, size, and material during selection. Most watches have a round shape and rectangle, square, and tonneau and other shapes available. The case diameter determines the watch size and is an important factor during selection in order to match the watch size with your wrist to ensure how comfortable it will be. The watch size and thickness also contribute to the looks. Watch cases are available in stainless steel, ceramic, gold, titanium, and platinum with stainless-steel most popular due to its price, quality, and value. Ceramic and titanium are exceptionally light, and ceramic is scratch proof. 

Watch crystal

Mineral crystal, sapphire, and acrylic are the three most common types of quartz used in timepieces. Low priced timepieces and vintage watches may have plastic, and most entry-level watches have mineral crystals. Sapphire crystals are the premium quality used for costly watches as it is scratch proof and truly clear but brittle. Watches above the $500 price range usually have sapphire crystals. Preferably, the watches should have a coat of anti-reflective treatment both inside and outside.

Complications or functions

Displaying hours, minutes and seconds is the basic function of watches with three hands, but some watches can include other functions like world timer, dual time zone, alarm power reserve, chronograph, and date. Split-second chronograph, tourbillion, perpetual calendar, flyback chronograph, and minute-repeater are some other more advanced functions, or complications found n costlier watches. 

Strap or bracelet

The choice is between straps or bracelets, with the latter being of metallic construction. Leather straps, rubber straps, and textile straps are available in a wide range of styles. Alternating between different straps and bracelets for the same watch provides more styling options.

In addition to the above, price, brand preference, and reliability are the other considerations for watch selection.

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