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Fair Share Housing Center Claims State Budget is Good for Another 3,000 New Homes

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Trenton NJ, , in response to Governor Murphy’s Fiscal Year 23 Budget Proposal that allocates $300 million from the American Rescue Plan towards the development of affordable homes, Fair Share Housing Center’s Executive Director, Adam Gordon, issued the follow statement:

“Fair Share Housing Center applauds Governor Murphy and Lieutenant Governor Oliver for making a historic investment in affordable housing in his Fiscal Year 23 budget proposal. $300 million will go a long way in supporting the backlog of much-needed affordable homes. We commend Governor Murphy’s commitment to creating over 3,000 homes with this funding.

New Jersey is facing an affordability crisis that impacts all residents, but especially communities of color. As sale and rental prices climb, access to affordable homes—especially for our most vulnerable residents—is at risk. New Jersey has some of the worst racial disparities in the country, across almost all indicators of health and well-being, including being home to one of the worst Black-white racial wealth gaps in the nation.

Unfortunately New Jersey’s affordable  housing program does nothing to bridge this divide . What we have in reality is a skills gap , created by an education gap , both issues easily solved by School Choice .

New Jersey’s affordable housing program subsides developers ,and dumps ancillary expenses , like new schools,water, sewage ,public safety and other infrastructure on taxpayers . The end result is to make New Jersey even less “affordable “.


2 thoughts on “Fair Share Housing Center Claims State Budget is Good for Another 3,000 New Homes

  1. Ha!
    Coming right your way Ridgewood?
    Lots of room over at valley!
    You get what you pay for!

  2. What about the roads/traffic? Will they be fixed? Expanded? They can’t handle the cars that are out there now for heavens sake

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