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FDA Rules Popular Decongestant Does Not Actually Work

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Ridgewood NJ, an FDA advisory panel voted unanimously that nonprescription oral medications containing phenylephrine , a popular decongestant,  including Sudafed PE, Vicks Sinex and Benadryl Allergy Plus Congestion don’t do anything to ease congestion.

The committee’s ruling could prompt the FDA to pull all oral decongestants containing phenylephrine from store shelves, leaving cold sufferers with limited options to relieve their misery.

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2 thoughts on “FDA Rules Popular Decongestant Does Not Actually Work

  1. I guess the exclusive patent ran out…..

    1. Take serrapeptase. An enzyme that supports healthy sinus activity and a whole lot more. With no side effects.
      (Also good for those who took the jab. Helps dissolve clots)
      (Research Arthur Andrew Medical /Serratia)

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