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First day of Spring : This Year “Go Natural” with Your Lawn

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Ridgewood NJ, In 2021, the spring equinox occurs on Saturday, March 20. This event marks the astronomical first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Spring signals its time for gardeners and landscapers to get ready .

instead is a new answer to the old way of doing things, a brand that delivers what matters to consumers in 2021. instead is lawn care that you can use and feel good about, because it’s not only easy and effective, but it’s a natural choice. The fertilizers contain only natural ingredients lawns want, and need, to thrive. Having a natural choice is important to consumers and they’re seeking brands who share their values. Since our lawns are pulling triple duty as our playgrounds, restaurants and movie theaters, instead gives people what they need: a lawn that truly fits their lives.

Serving as instead’s Co-Chief Creative Officer is actress, producer, talk show host and entrepreneur Drew Barrymore. Widely respected for her creative talent and long-time devotion to both nature and natural living, Drew will be featured in a robust ad campaign that will launch on March 18, 2021.

The spots, starring Ms. Barrymore, are :15 and :30, with an array of social-specific cutdowns that are both earnest and authentic, and full of Drew’s inimitable charm. The campaign will be seen on YouTubeTV, Hulu, all major social media platforms, podcasts, and across instead’s digital channels. Creative can be seen at:

30 second video

15 second video

“I’m a California girl at heart and have lived much of my life in my backyard, and I’m now doing the same thing with my two girls,” said Ms. Barrymore. “What really spoke to me was instead’s commitment to using natural ingredients, things that won’t harm the earth, let alone my family or pets. Also, the packaging and subscription model felt extremely forward thinking to me”

An innovation in the natural lawn care market, instead’s tailored, pour-and-spread formulas are delivered directly to your door for a simple, gimmick-free solution that eliminates any guesswork. Made entirely of natural ingredients – and transparent about all of them, instead fertilizers feature molasses, wheat flour, feather meal, blood meal, nitrogen, alfalfa, soybean meal and more. These natural materials provide optimal nutrients to lawns…and peace of mind to users. When used as directed, instead creates lush barefoot- and paw-approved lawns that users can feel good about.

For yards that aren’t just different but better, instead is committed to helping others take care of our planet. Sustainable bags are made of 25% braskem (a bio-based plastic made from sugarcane), and shippers are 100% recyclable. instead  fertilizer’s slow-release, natural ingredients are formulated to produce strong, thick lawns that can help crowd out weeds to help reduce the need for herbicides, and help keep the ecosystem thriving.

instead is a direct to consumer offering that will work with support from 1868 Ventures, a corporate venture capital fund and business incubator committed to supporting early stage companies focused on natural alternatives, sustainable products and packaging, and other category innovations.

“1868 Ventures works with challenger brands and products that have the gravitas to be disruptive and meet the evolving needs of today’s Millennial homeowner”, said Patti Ziegler, Chief Digital Officer, ScottsMiracle-Gro. “instead is a new brand that offers a lawn care solution for millennials who expect more natural, easy to use products that are delivered straight to their door. The collaboration between instead and 1868 Ventures – a nod to the 153-year old heritage of ScottsMiracle-Gro – will leverage certain areas of expertise within Scotts, including R&D, while allowing independence to the instead team to perfect and bring its own formulas and IP to market in its own way.

Featuring smart, customized plans designed for your region and delivered to your door, instead is sent seasonally, eliminating any guesswork, inconvenience and need for storage. Seed and fertilizers include:

Happy Lawn Spring Fertilizer greens, thickens and wakes up lawns for a strong start to the season. Its natural, granular formula is rich in nutrients derived from ingredients like feather meal and molasses that won’t burn the lawn (when used as directed) as it promotes long-lasting greening.

Happy Lawn Summer Fertilizer greens, thickens and strengthens grass against the stressful heat of summer. This never-burn (when used as directed) blend of wheat flour, feather meal and molasses has just the right amount of nitrogen to help your lawn bounce back in the fall.

Happy Lawn Fall Fertilizer greens, thickens and strengthens grass for better winter survival. Packed with nutrients from ingredients like alfalfa and molasses, it helps lawns weather colder temperatures to flourish in the spring.

Ambitious Grass Seed Sun and Shade Mix features seed that thrives in local climates, establishes fast, and spreads quickly. The Tall Fescue Seed Mix covers quickly and handles heat and drought with persistence and resilience.

INSTEAD is available for purchase at Shipping begins in March.

For more information on instead, please visit, Facebook: @Instead; @choose.instead; and Twitter: @ChooseInstead.

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