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Flagrant Racism and Hatred Has NO Place at Rutgers University!

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

New Brunswick NJ, Paul Danielczyk, President of the NJ Conservative GOP has called on Rutgers University’s President Jonathan Holloway and Governor Murphy to call for the resignation of professor Brittney Cooper, for her repugnant hateful racist remarks on social media regarding ALL of President Trump’s supporters!
Dr. Cooper is an associate professor from the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Department of the state university.

“Brittney Cooper’s repulsive despicable racist attack is beyond the pale and are so divisive, that they should have no place in the state’s university. Her F-Bomb gutter remarks blaming “WHITE” Trump Conservatives for the Coronavirus are so abhorrent, that they cannot be repeated here in this press release. They are more fitting for a Def Comedy Jam special!” Danielczyk exclaimed.

“If the roles were reversed and a professor made such filthy racist remarks about President Obama’s supporters, leaders from all over New Jersey political and non-political would be demanding Cooper’s resignation, however since this abhorrent atrocity is against President Trump and his supporters, nary a word of resignation is voiced. The silence is deafening.” Danielczyk stated.

“What has been most disappointing is that it’s been almost (2) weeks since this fiasco, with no New Jersey Republican in a leadership role who has expressed ANY rebuke of Cooper’s bigoted and vile statements. The supporters of President Trump deserve better than having these nauseating despicable statements foisted upon them, without any support or defense from the NJ GOPs leadership.” Danielczyk admonished.

“Cooper doubled-down on her statements when questioned saying she stands by them. “I have Ten-Year Rutgers can’t do anything to me,” she defiantly stated. Parents and students have taken out costly loans, taxpayers’ and alumni’s money goes to the university, and that money has no business going to a revolting unfitting Brittany Cooper,” Danielczyk said.

“Governor Murphy constantly talks about a “Highest Standard,” is this acceptable to the Governor who has been mum on Cooper’s reprehensible downgrading statements? Does Cooper represent the values of Rutgers University and its Highest Standard?” Danielczyk questioned?

“At Rutgers, there are Trump supporters attending the university, and Brittney Cooper has stigmatized these good students. Her actions left unchallenged is giving a positive slap on the back to Cooper, who will undoubtedly continue her intolerant behavior at the university. Britney Cooper is deserving of a position within the ANTIFA organization, not with Rutgers University.” Danielczyk concluded.


10 thoughts on “Flagrant Racism and Hatred Has NO Place at Rutgers University!

  1. Fire the cow

  2. We have plenty of that in the village.

  3. This is a problem that I see in much of the narrative and arguments made by Dems, their supporters, and the mainstream media. Several years ago, they shifted their narrative whereby many of their agenda themes changed from “this is what we stand for” to “there’s no further debate because it’s settled science”. There’s a major difference between the two and the mindset of Democrats is such that anyone who disagrees is therefore a racist, a nazi, or an idiot.
    The person here is clearly just following this line of thinking whereby she is not merely just being insulting to the President, but rather just “explaining” what, to her, is patently obvious. The President is a racist, nazi, and yes, a complete idiot.

  4. Seriously, who writes this shit? It’s called tenure not ten-year. This “blog” is racist and you’re all stuck on keeping Ridgewood white. Get over yourselves and your shitty town.

    1. spoken like someone who knows nothing about Ridgewood

  5. Racism ain’t going away anytime soon…

  6. To the dipshit poster who called Ridgewood a ‘shitty town’…. your jealousy is apparent. Why don’t you stay in your own lane….the ‘Waldwick blog’ .

  7. did she really write ‘ten-year’ and mean it…?

  8. Brittney Cooper is an American author, teacher, activist, and cultural critic. Her areas of research and work include black women organizations, black women intellectuals, and hip-hop feminism. The basis of her knowledge is so narrow, she isn’t qualified to comment on many, if any, subjects with any factual background. Governor Horseface is boob and panders to this type of rabble.

    1. you forgot a flaming bigot

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