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Former Ocean gate Mayor Gets 3 Years for Stealing Money from Parking Meters


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Ocean Gate NJ, former Ocean Gate mayor Paul Kennedy, who confessed to embezzling money from parking meters, auctioning government property online, and keeping the proceeds, was sentenced to three years in state prison today.

In 2022, while serving as mayor, Kennedy was apprehended for selling a 2008 Honda Pilot owned by the borough through an online auction platform called He deposited the $6,021 obtained from the sale into his personal account. He also engaged in the unauthorized sale of other government-owned assets.

Ocean County Prosecutor Bradley Billhimer remarked, “This is a textbook example of public corruption: the leveraging of one’s official public position to gain unlawful personal benefits.” He emphasized that the majority of public officials conduct their duties with integrity, unlike Mr. Kennedy, who exploited the trust of the citizens he was sworn to serve.

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8 thoughts on “Former Ocean gate Mayor Gets 3 Years for Stealing Money from Parking Meters

  1. What? More corruption in local NJ politics? I’m shocked. How can this be?

  2. What happened to the Village employee who stole the coins from the meter store-room

    1. N O T H I N G

      (‘cuz we are RICH and STUPID)

  3. Quarter boy stole $800,000 and made some fraction of restitution. No jail time at all.

  4. Hummm, who knows how much it was.

  5. Some of us don’t buy it, somebody else I don’t know. And where was Security. Talk about embarrassing.

  6. How much money are they making now with all the parking. And where is that money going?

    1. They don’t want to tell you, because Park Mobile and the Parking Garage are a FINANCIAL DISASTER and are one of the reasons your taxes keep going up.

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