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Forum Claims Ridgewood High School Teachers will be Providing Classroom Instruction from Home Via Video

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Ridgewood NJ, surfing the internet you find a lot of crazy stuff , from a forum on Free Republic the following thread was started about none other than Ridgewood High School :

Ridgewood High School, NJ: Substitutes and students in classrooms while teachers teach via video remotely
Parent at school | 13 September 2021 | Self

Posted on 9/13/2021, 10:03:23 AM by CodeToad

I got a call from a friend in Ridgewood, New Jersey, who said that Ridgewood High School teachers will be providing classroom instruction from home via video while substitute teachers monitor the class with the students present. It is claimed by the school that teachers are too valuable to be in the classroom and exposed to covid, so they are hiring substitute teachers to be in the classrooms to monitor the students. The students must be present in the classroom while wearing masks all day.

It seems substitute teachers must be expendable since they can be in the classroom, and the students must be expendable too.

3 thoughts on “Forum Claims Ridgewood High School Teachers will be Providing Classroom Instruction from Home Via Video

  1. True? Probably not. But if you want to hear straight from the horse’s mouth….


    September 14, 2021

    Dear Parents/Guardians:

    Back-to-School Night will be held tonight, September 14 from 7:30-9:30 P.M. We strongly feel the need to get back to pre-pandemic norms as long as we can do so safely. The safety of our students, parents, and teachers is our number one priority, so we ask that only one parent per household attend the event unless you have more than one child at RHS. This will cut down the numbers in the classrooms and hallways. We also ask that you wear a mask while you are in the school building.

    Parking facilities are limited at the high school so be prepared to park on Beverly and Brookside.

    Please print out the attached event schedule and map of the school to assist you. Also, remember to print your child’s schedule via Skyward so you know what classes to attend, or, if it is easier to follow, have your child assist you in filling out the attached blank schedule form.

    BTSN Event Schedule 2021.pdf

    RHS Maps Fl. 1-3.pdf

    BTSN Blank Student Schedule 2021.pdf

    We look forward to seeing you at Back-to-School Night. This is an important evening for the teachers and you as it is the first step in establishing the dialogue of communication that is vital to helping your child succeed.

    If you have any questions, please call us at 201-670-2800, ext. 20530.


    Jeffrey Nyhuis

  2. maybe they can teach the Village Council how to do zoom/in-person meetings .

  3. They know how to zoom they just don’t want too, Do you think they care about you and I.

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