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Fraudulent Unemployment Claims Run Rampant in Bergen County

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Glen Rock NJ, during this past week, the Glen Rock Police Department received two additional reports from residents concerning fraudulent unemployment claims.  In each case unknown actor(s) used their personal information to apply for unemployment.  The detective bureau continues to receive ongoing complaints of this nature and is working with the NJ Division of Criminal Justice which is the lead investigating agency on fraudulent unemployment claims being filed throughout the state.

Fraudsters filed for their own payday, pilfering funds administered by state unemployment agencies. The US Department of Labor’s inspector general said in February that at least $5.4 billion of unemployment claims were fraudulent and that an estimated $63 billion in total fraud may have occurred in 2020. California has said that it’s found more than $11 billion in fraudulent claims, with another estimated $19 billion in claims being investigated as suspicious.

NJ citizens can submit any fraudulent UI claims to the NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development on their website.

5 thoughts on “Fraudulent Unemployment Claims Run Rampant in Bergen County

  1. It’s raining $!

  2. Not according to your neighbors, who comment here regularly how difficult their claims are going. But hey, what’s a little hardship compared to being able to snidely comment, am I right?

  3. 2nd poster misses the point that a big part of why legitimate applicants can’t get through is because of scammers using up limited resources.

  4. Scammers know the system better.

    My old squad motto: “We catch the stupid ones.”

  5. I haven’t received my unemployment since Aug “20 now I know why. Tried calling Customer Service and they weren’t any help, getting paid for nothing. That’s part of where the money is being spent frivolously. I’d like to know when the Unemployment Office is going to reopen. Agents aren’t contacting people to address the issues at hand, Councilman Office (Gottheimer) are not doing the job that they were elected to do, just getting Government money and putting it into their own communities, it’s very upsetting and there is nobody you can call or write for help because Governor Murphy’s Office doesn’t respond to your email for “HELP”.

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