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Food Fight Sends Police to Super Fresh in Glen Rock

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Glen Rock NJ, on Thursday August 5th at  8:03 AM , Glen Rock Patrols were dispatched to Super Fresh on Lincoln Avenue to investigate a 9-1-1 report of a dispute in progress which was becoming physical. Upon arrival, both parties had been separated.  Investigation found that a customer, a 55-year-old Paterson man, had entered the store and began handling bread from bread boxes with his bare hands.  A store employee approached the man asking him not to touch the bread with his hands, providing him with a set of tongs which are available to customers for this purpose. The customer became irate and began waving the tongs in the employee’s face leading to the dispute. Neither party wished to sign complaints. The customer was escorted out of the store, at the request of management, and was advised to shop somewhere else.

7 thoughts on “Food Fight Sends Police to Super Fresh in Glen Rock

  1. What’s going on in Glenrock they are having fair lawn problems .

  2. It may be Glen Rock on paper, but it’s far-out Glen Rock, bordering on Crapsville.

  3. thanks to lincoln ave its conduit for paterson

  4. The taxes in Glenrock are nuts.

  5. Don’t touch the bread. Muffins, maybe.

  6. sounds racist to me….

  7. Was this white bread? There are so many things wrong with white bread, the world would be better off if it was outlawed, maybe the gov’nr will stop horsing around and dough something about this crisis!

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