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Freedom Watch Files Criminal Bioweapons Complaint at International Criminal Court in The Hague Against China

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Washington, D.C.,  Larry Klayman, the founder, chairman and general counsel of Freedom Watch, Inc. (see filed a criminal complaint against the People’s Republic of China over its alleged criminal conduct in causing a worldwide pandemic of such a huge magnitude never witnessed in either the 20th or 21st centuries and perhaps world history. A copy of the complaint is embedded below and can also found at

It is widely believed, based on expert analysis, that the COVID-19 virus leaked from a Chinese bioweapons facility in Wuhan, China, which also explains why the communist dictatorship initially locked down Wuhan, arrested government whistleblowers and kept the rest of the world including the United States in the dark.

Bioweapons are outlawed by various international treaties, of which China is also a signatory, and thus they are considered terrorist weapons of mass destruction, which is certainly proving to be the case here. As a result, China is neither immune from civil suit and Freedom Watch has recently brought a class action in Dallas, Texas, which had caught the attention of not just Americans but also persons around the world, but now also a criminal prosecution. Freedom Watch is being contacted by lawyers and media from around the planet; by way of example countries such as Israel, India, Sri Lanka, Poland, Turkey, Lesoto and Nigeria, to name just a few.

Klayman and Freedom Watch call on nations around the world to join this criminal complaint before the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Holland. Coincidentally, Klayman studied and attended the Hague Academy of International Law during the years he was a law student at Emory University and the University of Georgia during the mid-1970’s. He is thus familiar with the procedures at The Hague.

Klayman had this to say upon filng the criminal complaint against China:

“The ruthless communist Chinese regime, which persecutes and terrorizes its own people, must be held to account. It is a criminal regime, which arrogantly shrugs off its criminal responsibility by blaming the United States and the rest of the free world. I call on lawyers in nations around the world to join our effort to punish the guilty and have them thrown in prison where they belong. I also call on all persons of good intentions to join or follow and support our class action suit in Dallas, Texas, and I am actively amassing a team of lawyers to make sure that China, and not the American taxpayer, pay the bill for the human suffering and death which this rogue communist ‘terrorist state’ has caused. I am also assisting lawyers in other nations globally to bring similar legal actions.”

Please go to to sign up for our class action and financially support these very expensive civil and criminal legal actions.

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