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Fuel Your Way NJ Self-Serve Day of Awareness Could Save you .23 a Gallon at the Pump

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photos courtesy of Sal Risalvato is the executive director of the New Jersey Gasoline, C-Store and Automotive Association

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Seventy-five gas stations, for one day only, will be lowering prices this Friday May 13th as they take part in the Fuel Your Way NJ Self-Serve Day of Awareness. You could save up to 23 cents on EVERY gallon of gas you purchase this Friday at quite a few gas stations across Central Jersey. In fact, it’ll be available at gas stations across the ENTIRE state of New Jersey.

Sal Risalvato is the executive director of the New Jersey Gasoline, C-Store and Automotive Association and they plan on doing a day of awareness this Friday to show how much money we’ll save if we simply pump our own gas.

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Bergen County:

Exxon, 142 Chestnut Ridge Rd, Montvale

North Arlington Gulf, 101 Ridge Road, North Arlington

Exxon, 782 Route 17, Paramus

Valero, 639 Route17 N, Paramus

Exxon, 100 Route17 North, Paramus

Sunoco, 456 Route. 17 N, Ramsey

Exxon, 700 Washington Ave, Washington Twp.

Passaic County:

Exxon, 478 Haldon Ave, Haledon

Exxon, 716 Goffle Road, Hawthorne

Exxon, 1431 Route 23 South, Wayne





11 thoughts on “Fuel Your Way NJ Self-Serve Day of Awareness Could Save you .23 a Gallon at the Pump

  1. I would pump my own if I actually save 23 cents per gallon

    1. You would save 23 cents over the full service price which would have been raised by 23 cents/gallon.

  2. I’m sure plenty of companies would give you a discount if you’d do their jobs for them.

    That this is a stunt by gas station owners means they want to have to pay fewer employees. Let’s hear it for the “JOB CREATORS” lol.

  3. Fake. We wouldn’t save anything.

  4. This is false. As it stands, NJ has lower gas prices right now. For instance, this week, NJ was 40 cents LESS than 3 hours away in upstate NY. It has almost always been less. Before the NJ gas tax hike it was about 30 cents less and in recent years, since the NJ gas tax hike, about 14 cents less. Full serve is not the issue.

    Claims of both full and self serve being available are also false. Go into other states and just see how difficult it is to find full serve stations. IF you are able to find one, you will also find that they are not more expensive than the neighboring self-serve stations.

    I do not understand how people think self serve is going to be this wonderful, life-saving, utopian thing. Standing in the bad weather (anytime of year), standing in puddles or gas and oils spills, in work or dress clothes, touching the pumps that everyone else is touching, dealing with pumps not working or receipts not being generated so that you have to go inside to find a worker, putting people out of work, etc. How is that raising quality of life?

    In a world where EVERYTHING is now remote, curbside pickup, delivery, etc. – work, school, coffee, restaurants, banking , vaccines, covid tests, groceries, pharmacies, personal grocery shoppers, dry cleaning, doctor visits, VOTING, etc., etc., etc. – why are people so appalled with the idea of someone getting paid to pump my gas? Accusing people who prefer full-serve of being stupid or lazy makes no sense when much more important, more simple, and less unpleasant tasks are now either available or MANDATED remote or drop off (looking at mail-in voting!!!).

    There is nothing wrong with making something more civilized and convenient, generating jobs in the process. New Jersey shouldn’t give up full serve. Everyone else should put it back!

  5. This blog claims to be so anti “Nanny State”, yet when someone suggests that the government should not be involved in saying whether you can pump you own gas or not they jump in to keep a law that is so demeaning to the residents of this state.
    NJ, the only state where you cannot pump your own gas. Are New Jerseyans too lazy, too stupid, or too pampered?
    If you don’t want to pump your own gas then go to the full service gas station, but do not complain because the rest of us got a discount, an didn’t have to wait 10 minutes to get gas.

    1. The “discount” is only a “come on” to get the “pump your own in NJ” going and do away with full service, which isn’t full service anyway. Full service used to include cleaning windshield, check oil etc. Gas stations don’t make much money with just gas pumps, they need to include retail/repair shops.

      Gee, maybe a “discount” at the supermarket would be nice for packing your own groceries and bringing your own bags.
      Before prices are raised again.

    2. I believe most of the reactions are toward the impression that self service will not substantially lower gasoline prices. I agree that the 23 cents is an overstatement, as the stations offering the “discount” are among the highest priced stations. And there is disbelief in the comments that even if the difference is initially 23 cents, the large difference will not last very long. So if your tank is 15 gallons and you are saving 2 cents a gallon, it does not mean you are too lazy or too pampered. It does mean you’re too smart not to fall for saving 30 cents by pumping your own gas.

  6. It’s the lawyers in NJ and the lawsuit costs when someone screws up pumping their own gas. We cannot even allow hot coffee to be immune from law suits. As long as pro Bono lawsuits are allowed in this state, so too will the stupidity.

  7. “The Ridgewood Blog Brings a Free Market Laissez-faire Point of View to Local, New Jersey State ”

    Not according to most of the posters here, who want the government to mandate how the gas stations perform their business, in a more restrictive way than any other state in the country.
    And if the businesses make a profit by doing it that way, that is called capitalism.
    If you don’t like pumping your own gas, go to a full service station, that is allowed to choose to do business that way. If you want real “full service” go to a gas station that does that, if you can’t find one it is probably because as a business model it is not profitable. Perhaps we could have a law that requires all gas stations to clean windshields and check oil levels and tire pressures, and tip their hats to customers in a respectful way when they are done.
    If you don’t like self check out and bagging your own groceries, go to a store that does that for you. They will probably have to charge more, because as a business model, staffing costs would be higher, but I assume you would have a problem with that too.
    Based on the responses to this article, it would seem that The Ridgewood Blog’s readers are not pro-business, they are pro-self.

    1. Pro-business vs. pro-consumer

      Guess what side most people are on.

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