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Garbage Truck Fire Reported on California Street in Ridgewood

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photos courtesy of Boyd Loving’s Facebook page

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood firefighters responded to a reported garbage truck fire in the 100 block of California Street, Ridgewood on Tuesday, 10/11. The fire had self- extinguished prior to the arrival of fire department personnel. However, concerned about a possible rekindle of dumped truck contents, the incident commander retained all units at the scene until a front end loader arrived to remove the dumped material from the street. No injuries were reported in the incident. Ridgewood Police officers provided traffic control during the incident.

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18 thoughts on “Garbage Truck Fire Reported on California Street in Ridgewood

  1. Is it me or are there a lot of garbage truck fires in Ridgewood…?

  2. Well maybe if they clean them out that will help. Some of them are filthy.

    1. I am guessing some and/or stupid lazy resident put a combustible in their garbage and it ignited inside the truck.

    2. Do you know that they aren’t cleaned regularly or are you just arm-chairing this? Do you dumpsters in the CBD or our schools get washed out regularly? I think not and I don’t recall any of them going on fire lately.

      Right now, Ridgewood Sanitation is grossly understaffed. Would you like to pay more OT to have the trucks cleaned (unnecessarily)?

      These are garbage trucks, not food trucks for Gods sake.

  3. Again who cleans them, and ware are they washing them.?
    Yea, well went it rains.

  4. Who’s in charge.??????????

  5. Or maybe they had garbage in the truck overnight. Again were and when do they get cleaned. These trucks are big money. The village should have a truck cleaning service come and clean the hole fleet.
    That would be smart.

  6. Yes pay the overtime to Katie‘s trucks clean. It’s an investment, and it’s the health and well-being of the employees. With all the bacteria, monkey box, Covid, they should be cleaned regularly. Don’t give me any bullshit about the overtime they have the money. Always a bullshit story. Clean the damn trucks.

    1. Monkey box (pox). How ridiculous. and STILL Covid. Put on a mask and relax. LOL

  7. Maybe they can use the fleet devices for cleaning!

  8. There’s no reason why they’re not washed and professionally steam cleaned on a daily weekly schedule, we see private sanitation haulers come through the village every day in our CBD. And they are immaculate, so there’s no excuse why our village fleet is not immaculate. Maybe we need to hire someone just to wash vehicles like years ago. Or have an outside contractor come in on weekends and clean the fleet. I’m sure they can find The funds an our budget. There’s no reason why we can’t have the cleanest vehicles in the county.
    Come on look at our budget for the Board of Education.
    Thank you.

  9. Just clean them.

  10. And then after washing the trucks, what do you do with the waste water, or rather leachate?

  11. Put the waste water down the drain, Leach aid. OK now you wanna get technical let’s get technical because I’m a professional at this aspect. That’s why I need to hire an outside contractor to clean the fleet, they are fully equipped regarding waste water and debris that come off trucks. Everything is recycled and filtered. This is nothing new. Time to get rid of times. It’s amazing how many people put their thumbs down on maintaining vehicles. Don’t you wash your own vehicle. Or are you just a slab. Stop making excuses. The fire department cleans their own vehicles at the fire house. The police department bring their cars to the car wash. The EMTs clean their ambulances at their site.So what are you getting at. Us residents know what’s going on. We’re not stupid.

  12. Longwinded one, are you talking about the inside or outside of tge truck? I am guessing outside as you refer to the commercial company fleet, but perhaps not. I am guessing you have a financial interest in the weakly cleaning frequent posts.

  13. Isn’t the village of Ridgewood equipped with the proper cleaning devices for our entire fleet. One would think so regarding the size and the equipment that the Village owns. Just curious, what is the procedure in cleaning vehicles inside and out.

  14. Yea, amazing this can’t be done. Who is in charge. What a joke.

  15. With talking to mechanics from fleet they said that they need to come up with a plan to get them cleaned on a schedule. That will help with general maintenance. 👍 right on !

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