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>Garrett Continues to Fight for New Jersey Taxpayers ,Named 2007 "Taxpayer Friend”

>Washington, Apr 10 – U.S. Representative Scott Garrett (NJ-5) was recently named a “Taxpayer Friend” by the National Taxpayers Union (NTU), for his 2007 voting record to reduce and control the burden on American taxpayers. Garrett was the only Representative from New Jersey to receive this award.

“It is an honor and a privilege to represent our nation’s hardworking taxpayers here in Congress,” said Garrett. “And, I will continue to do all I can to return the focus in Washington to the family budget over the Federal budget. New Jerseyans are subject to extremely high federal and state taxes. I will work to give back more of their hard earned money rather than allowing the government to keep it to promote their special interest agenda.”

NTU, a nonpartisan citizen group, presents these awards to Members of Congress who achieve an “A” grade in NTU’s annual Rating of Congress. The Rating, which is based on every roll call vote affecting fiscal policy, assigns a “Taxpayer Score” to each Member of Congress that indicates his or her support for reducing or controlling federal spending, taxes, debt, and regulation. For 2007, a total of 427 House and 182 Senate votes were selected.

“Congressman Garrett’s pro-taxpayer score of 88 percent is among the highest in the entire House of Representatives,” NTU President Duane Parde said. “If every Member of Congress had voted as responsibly as Congressman Garrett did in 2007, Americans could have enjoyed much lower taxes and less waste in government. Overburdened taxpayers nationwide — including NTU’s more than 10,000 members in New Jersey — owe Congressman Garrett a debt of gratitude for his hard work on their behalf. He has truly earned the title ‘Taxpayers’ Friend.'”

From 2006 to 2007, the average “Taxpayer Score” in the House fell four points to 35 percent. In the Senate, the average pro-taxpayer score fell 11 points to 37 percent. However, true “high performers” in Congress are always rare. In 2007, 52 lawmakers earned scores sufficient to win the Taxpayers’ Friend Award (at least 85 percent in the House and 80 percent in the Senate). Meanwhile, more than 260 Members captured the title of “Big Spender” for scoring 16 percent or less in the House and 14 percent or less in the Senate.

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