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Give Chances is a Non-profit Organization Supports Low Income Children by Addressing the Learning Gap

A Cinderella Story

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Northvale NJ, Give Chances is a non-profit organization that aims to support low income children. As we are aware, the knowledge and learning gap that exists between students based on their economic status and financial situation is detrimental to many students early education stages. With this in mind, Give Chances has been running after school programs to combat this divide and support students who do not receive quality education otherwise. We are so thankful for the support of staff, families, community members, and volunteers for the time and love they give towards our programs. Today, we thank another one of our volunteers, Lucas Ahn, for his contribution towards our Joyful Learning Children’s Program.

Lucas Ahn is one of our youngest volunteers who joined over the summer this year. Lucas came in every week and has been very diligent with tutoring his students. Little did we know that he would publish his own book! The book title is “”A Cinderella Story”” in which Lucas is the author and Christy Zo is the illustrator. 

Lucas made this book with the purpose of donating using his talents to support low-income children—who often have little to no access in reading many books— and using the proceeds to support the education of these children. Lucas is a warm-hearted child who loves to give, and we are lucky to have a volunteer as genuine as him! Lucas has even donated the book to Give Chances for the program reading purposes. The book has now officially been published and is available on the Kindle Store! We are excited for our students to read Lucas’ wonderful new book! 

Lucas Ahn

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