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Glen Rock Board of Education OK’s March 14th 17 minute student walkout

Glen Rock Schools

March 1,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Glen Rock NJ, Glen Rock’s Superintendent and BOE  passed this resolution March 14th, the day of the 17 minute student walkout. Ridgewood Schools matched the virtue signaling ,but stopped short of endorsing the walkout.

Be it resolved by the Glen Rock Board of Education that the Board, upon
recommendation of the Chief School Administrator, approves the following resolution:
WHEREAS , A prerequisite to student growth, learning, well-being and success is a safe and secure school environment; and
WHEREAS, Children throughout the nation have been negatively affected directly and indirectly by violent crimes involving firearms; and
WHEREAS, Military-style assault weapons and large-volume ammunition
magazines were used in recent mass killings in schools and other locations; and
WHEREAS, Profiles of school shooters illustrate the need for a thorough examination of the care and treatment of the mentally ill and for effective intervention;
WHEREAS, The New Jersey School Boards Association’s 2014 study, What Makes Schools Safe?, cited reports by state and federal agencies, which found that mental health intervention did not take place prior to three-quarters of school shootings; and
WHEREAS, New Jersey has among the strongest gun control laws in the nation and the lowest incidence of gun-related deaths, but protective laws are not in place in many other states or at the federal level; and
WHEREAS, The tragedies of Parkland, Florida, of Newtown, Connecticut, of
Columbine High School in Colorado, emphasize the need to address access to firearms and the delivery of mental health services. Now, therefore, be it
RESOLVED, That the Glen Rock Board of Education, in the County of Bergen, State of New Jersey, urges President Trump and Congress to identify and implement meaningful action to address access to and ownership of military-style assault weapons and ammunition, the delivery of mental health services, and financial support to ensure a safe and secure school climate; and be it further
RESOLVED, That the Glen Rock Board of Education supports Governor Murphy’s call to end the “epidemic of gun violence that plagues far too many of our communities” and supports enhancements to state law that will provide protection for our schools and communities; and be it further
RESOLVED, That a copy of this resolution be sent to President Trump, U.S. Senator Robert Menendez, U.S. Senator Cory Booker, U.S. Representative Josh Gottheimer, Governor Murphy, State Senator Robert Gordon, Assembly Representative Timothy Eustace, Assembly Representative Joseph Lagana, the New Jersey School Boards Association, the National School Boards Association, Bergen County School Boards, Bergen County Association of School Administrators, Bergen County Association of School Business Officials, and the New Jersey Education Association.

13 thoughts on “Glen Rock Board of Education OK’s March 14th 17 minute student walkout

  1. BE IT RESOLVED The FBI and Broward County Police should immediately disclose how warning after warning after warning after warning were not acted upon.

  2. No bloody way. Ridgewood BOE, do not get any idea of following your Glen Rock colleagues into this gross violation of trust. Public schools are deteriorating enough as it is without exploiting and manipulating minors into acting out in order to further your warped political agenda. Not everybody in this country became destructively psychotic the day Trump was inaugurated.

  3. 10.17 Ridgewood BOE has already scheduled 2 walk outs, one in mid March and another one in April.

  4. Where is the mention of bullying – the core cause of not just school shootings but suicides as well? 100% of the school shooters are reacting to the relentless tormenting and bullying they face at school. Bullying done by other students.

    So we will ignore the genesis of the problem, as that will shine the spotlight on the ‘walk-out’-ers themselves? How typical.

  5. 12:43pm, exactly how much sympathy do you have for Nikolas Cruz?

  6. Thank You for Calling Nikolas Cruz a “Sicko”
    Posted on February 23, 2018
    From CNN:
    The shooter, Nikolas Cruz, struggled with depression, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and autism, according to a 2016 Florida Department of Children and Families report. But having a mental health diagnosis does not mean he would become violent, many experts say. And although Trump has said he wants to focus on mental health to stop school shootings, calling Cruz a “sicko” doesn’t help, those experts claim.
    Which experts?
    I am a mental health professional. I do not think it’s unhelpful to call a spade a spade.
    A central principle of mental health is naming the truth. In dysfunctional families, people walk on eggshells and refuse to call things what they are. That’s how alcoholics, drug abusers, sexual abusers and emotional abusers get away with so much. If people named the truth, the problems would stop.
    The “experts” who claim Nikolas Cruz should not be referred to as a “sicko” wish us to believe he had no control over his actions. Whatever mental disorder he had, we’re told, excuses him of responsibility for his actions. It’s as if the mental illness has a life and a will of its own, operating completely outside of the person who chooses to pick up the gun and start shooting.
    I find this interesting. The same people who criticize President Trump for calling Nikolas Cruz a “sicko” are the very same ones who want gun control. They fantasize that by banning guns, people like Nikolas Cruz will not choose to buy them and shoot people with them. Yet if there is a choice involved, and that choice therefore warrants gun control, then why is it wrong to call the killer what he obviously is?
    It’s all part of our disingenuous and insane society. We live in a time when “experts” say shooters like Nikolas Cruz have no choice, control or responsibility over their actions while, in total contradiction, we must take away their guns.
    Mercy to the guilty means cruelty to the innocent. Criticizing President Trump for calling Nikolas Cruz a “sicko” lumps Cruz in with other suffering, troubled, depressed/ADHD/autistic persons who would never consider opening fire on a crowd of innocent fellow students.
    Whatever mental illness may be present in the mind of a Nikolas Cruz, you can better believe it’s a whole lot more than mental illness. It’s called evil.
    And as usual, President Trump takes the hit for stating the obvious. He calls a spade a spade in a world where the “experts” have stopped acknowledging facts and reality.
    Follow Dr. Hurd on Facebook.

  7. Any further details, 11:39am?

  8. 1:09. I was wrong about April. 3/14 is the fist date and 3/15 the other. I believe 3/14 is for Bergen County and 3/15 nationwide.

  9. When is the walkout to support all of the babies killed by HS teens via abortions?
    I’m pretty sure that number is greater than 17…

  10. How about a national taxpayer walkout…

  11. Forget gun control.
    Can we please pass laws for Knife Control?
    “Knives and cutting instruments” are BY FAR the most common cause of teen homicide.
    Followed by “personal instruments (hands, fists, feet) and then “blunt objects” (clubs, etc.).
    Teen Gun homicides are so low that they are lumped into the “Other” category.
    ’cause the point is to save kids lives and NOT to use kids to advance an anti-gun agenda…. RIGHT?

  12. $110,000,000.00 budget. Grades must be perfect if we have time for walkouts.

  13. Yep, $110000000 budget and they will probably ask for more money to implement safety technology and a hire a couple of temp security officers. Educators in RW have such a sweet deal.

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