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GOP Coalescing Around Businessman Frank Pallotta in his race against incumbent Rep. Josh Gottheimer


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Ramsey NJ, Republican Congressional candidate Frank Pallotta has continued to pick up the support of Republican leaders in his race against incumbent Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D). Not only has Mr. Pallotta won the recommendation of the Sussex County Republican Committee’s screening committee but he has also been endorsed by Sussex County Sheriff Mike Strada.

“As a businessman, Frank Pallotta understands the challenges residents are facing and has the background and experience to come up with real solutions. He has been unwavering in his support of our party and candidates over the years,” Sheriff Strada stated. “Crime is on the rise due to ‘defund the police’ activists and politicians. Frank knows the importance of supporting the men and women in law enforcement who put on the uniform each and every day to keep us safe.”

Sheriff Strada continued, “Frank is the only proven conservative candidate of all those seeking the GOP nomination. He understands the financial burden facing our residents and is aligned with our values, having previously obtained the endorsement of New Jersey Right to Life and the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund.”

Mr. Pallotta won the support of the Sussex GOP and Sheriff Strada after also being awarded the Passaic County Republican Organization’s support by an overwhelming margin on January 28th.

Mr. Pallotta said, “I am grateful to the Sussex County Republican Committee and to Sheriff Strada. We are at a tipping point in this country given the lack of leadership in Washington. New Jerseyans need a conservative voice in Congress to push back against an agenda that is costing residents at the pump, at the grocery store, and on their tax bills. I’m encouraged that with the organizational Support of Passaic County and the Sussex County Screening Committee, we are in a great position to take back District 5!”

Despite wanting its support, candidate Nick De Gregorio did not even bother to appear before the Sussex County Republican Committee’s screening committee, which is made up of several conservative leaders around New Jersey, to answer questions regarding his positions and candidacy.

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