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Gov. Phil Murphy’s Energy Master Plan : Retrofitting a Home to Electric Heat will Range from $40,000 to $60,000

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Trenton NJ, Assemblyman Christian Barranco is proposing the state provide full disclosure on the costs to homeowners, renters and businesses of Gov. Phil Murphy’s energy master plan.

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Barranco (R- Morris, Essex, Passaic) wants the state BPU (Board of Public Utilities) to include in its data reporting on energy use, the cost of “going electric” as outlined in Murphy’s 2020 Energy Master Plan that set a goal of making the state 50 percent carbon neutral by 2030 and 100 percent neutral buy 2050.

“Those are lofty goals but they will come with a tremendous cost to the end user,” said Barranco, a member of IBEW local 102 for 18 years, who has worked as a project manager in the vital field of Electrical Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution.

Barranco said the Department of Environmental Protection’s assessment of the governor’s master plan estimates that the cost of heating your home using electrical energy will be 4 to 5 times greater in coming years than it costs now to generate electricity and heat using natural gas.

And, he added, the cost of retrofitting a home or small business to electric heat will range from $40,000 to $60,000.

“That’s a tremendous amount of money for families and small businesses to spend to meet the governor’s objectives,” said Barranco. “People need to know that cost now and its impact on their family budget and on their jobs. They need the facts, not rhetoric. And I want to make sure they have the facts.”

Barranco says he favors investment in all kinds of energy production, including renewable and nuclear. “It is fantasy to believe that the state will be 100 percent carbon free in 2050,” he said.

Barranco says the BPU has an obligation to calculate and disclose accurate information on energy costs so consumers can make informed decisions about Gov. Murphy’s energy policy.

“The reality that is staring us in the face is that our state’s energy needs are growing along with our reliance on technology. The energy needed to power this state is not going to come exclusively from wind and solar ever. We need a rational and cost-effective energy plan and a well-informed citizenry.”

12 thoughts on “Gov. Phil Murphy’s Energy Master Plan : Retrofitting a Home to Electric Heat will Range from $40,000 to $60,000

  1. Just keep piling up the expenses in this state. Higher energy costs, higher taxes. Where does it stop? Only the rich will be left in NJ. Part of the master plan?

    1. Feckless Phil should donate his $50 million to charity. Very curious idiot Phil, how many grandparents do you kill in the nursing homes? 👎🏿💩🖕🏿

    2. Much better than piling on the pollution!!

      1. any evidence its less pollution?

    3. Much better t h an piling on pollution!!

      1. What a woke what a joke murp will be long gone once his term is up he won’t be staying in NJ. And the joke is on the assholes who voted for him

  2. Keep voting these Dems in office.

  3. Murphy is a woke, incompetent, lemming who’s wagon and policies are tied to the biggest fraud being perpetrated on the American people … manmade global warming. From banning plastic bags to electric heat, the guy knows nothing about power or energy and should educate himself before imposing ridiculous legislation on the people of NJ. The debate on climate change never happened and the science isn’t settled. People with opposing views were canceled and didn’t receive research funding. Not one climatologist can specify the ideal percentage of CO2 in the atmosphere and prove it through traditional scientific methodologies.

  4. Other than heating your home by leaving the door to you electric oven open, electric heat is the most inefficient way to heat a residence, apartment, condominium or single family home. Murphy already made his millions, he doesn’t care if you never make yours, and he’s doing his best to ensure that outcome. He’s destroying the state of NJ which leads the country in net outflow of its population. And fewer taxpayers means higher taxes on those who remain.

  5. Never trust a Goldman alumni
    It didn’t work with Corzine either

  6. Can’t wait until this idiot is out of office. We just spent $10,000 to convert from electric heat to natural gas because it is more cost effective for our family. I have no intention of changing back. We hated electric baseboard heat! Murphy needs to stay out of our business. We own our home and we should be able to heat it as we see fit!

  7. What a woke what a joke murp will be long gone once his term is up he won’t be staying in NJ. And the joke is on the assholes who voted for him

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