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Governor Andrew Cuomo: COVID-19 Healthcare Workers Who Came to Help New York are Liable for New York Taxes

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New York NJ, New York Govenour Andrew Cuomo said yesterday that Healthcare workers who came from around the country to help fight the coronavirus outbreak in New York will still have to pay state income taxes. The taxes would also affect Samaritan’s Purse, a Christian aid organization that set up a temporary hospital in Central Park.

The issue first arose when Samaritan’s Purse was setting up its emergency field hospital, according to New York City-based PIX11 News. The charity’s comptroller noticed that a New York state law requires anyone working in the state for more than 14 days to pay income tax. There’s no exemption for coronavirus relief.

6 thoughts on “Governor Andrew Cuomo: COVID-19 Healthcare Workers Who Came to Help New York are Liable for New York Taxes

  1. Here’s a little something for you Andrew….

  2. Gotta pay out those pension checks and paygo health benefits for all the public sector piggies…

  3. You don’t sound too smart with your stupid remarks. We all wander what do you do for a living.

    Why don’t you explain to all of us. I need to get a life. You must still be living in the basement. Poor guy, do you know there is free mental medical help for all. You should really take a vantage of us. Enjoy

  4. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, while he is showing his thanks in a big way to people that could have easily stayed home in other states where they live, New York #1 big over spender is literally dropping millions of dollars trying to buy ventilators with an unvetted vendor that stole the tax payers money! They never shipped anything!

  5. He’s going to find a way to tax you for taking a dump

  6. 3rd comment down is a classic union slob trying his best to speak and it just ain’t happening.
    You my wander what I do for a living but I know why your a civil servant…you’d never make it in the real world.

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