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No Ridgewood Summer Day Camp Program this year but Council Scrambles for a Graydon Pool Fix

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Ridgewood NJ, The opening of Graydon Pool and the Ridgewood Summer Day Camp Program will NOT happen this year. Just announced during tonight’s Village Council Meeting. UPDATE: The Summer Day Camp Program definitely won’t happen. Village Council members have requested a plan be developed to open Graydon at some point during the summer in the event Governor Murphy’s Executive Order that closed public swimming pools is lifted. As of now, Graydon can’t open because of an Executive Order banning same. Opening Graydon as a passive recreation area is also being considered, as is eliminating membership/daily pass fees for Summer Season 2020.

During Wednesday evening’s virtual (Zoom) Village Council Work Session, Parks & Recreation Department Director Nancy Bigos recommended the Village’s summer day camp program not be conducted, and that Graydon Pool not be opened and remain closed for the entire summer.

Ms. Bigos indicated her recommendation was based primarily on the fact that her department would be unable to administer the NJ State required social distancing guidelines at the day camp (given the number of campers – approximately 500), and uncertainties concerning possible CDC recommended social distancing & personal hygiene mandates at a municipal pool.

Ironically, Ms. Bigos delivered the bad news to Village Council members as she sat in front of a Zoom camera, unmasked and without gloves, less than 2 feet away from another Village employee (in the same workspace), for almost 2 hours.

Proving once again that what is good for the goose is not always good for the gande

17 thoughts on “No Ridgewood Summer Day Camp Program this year but Council Scrambles for a Graydon Pool Fix

  1. Thelma and Louise ?

  2. Where’s Boyd ?

  3. looks like the made monster party

  4. Dumbest and dumb.

  5. She should have never been promoted to Director. Another huge mistake by the Village Manager.

  6. Stop worrying about the damn pool. It loses money every year anyway. With all the bullshit that’s going on shut it down be very interesting to see how many kids don’t get an earache if they shut it down.

  7. I was watching and was very distracted by that. Nancy should go on unpaid furlough for two weeks per quarantine guidelines. Jesus, what an imbecile she is

  8. At the Council meeting, our resident self-proclaimed expert on Covid AKA Jeffrey D. Voigt was pontificating about the virus, the statistics, the capacity at Valley Hospital, the implications of Kawasaki Disease, and on, and on, and on. And all of this was with the mad scientist in front of a fancy (not) virtual background of the solar system. How many days are left until this already irrelevant douchebag is gone from the dais?

  9. We wonder is the village of Ridgewood following all the guidelines from the state regarding coronavirus 19. Are they rotating all. staffing And split shifts.

  10. Not all departments. Maybe in the Police Department, all the fire apartment, From what We heard definitely not in the Dept public works. What’s up with that. Is there favoritism going on again. Well Dept should be treated the same as a civil service work place. if the governor extended state of emergency for 30 more days well that’s the law. Why is it the Village or Ridgewood thinks they can supersede a higher government all the time. Who do they think they are. I guess they want to be challenged again and lose .

  11. Call Murphy. He will flip out.

  12. Why wouldn’t they comply.

    That’s interesting

  13. Who cares about summer camp at the pool please. Let the kids play with others at parks, backyards, ride their bicycles, just get out of the house and play like years ago. What’s the problem some of the parents are complaining because they have to enter act with their kids. They can go get coffee, go to spin class, or go meet their Sex trainer hoops, well you know what I mean.

  14. No memorial day run,
    No baseball,
    No baseball parade,
    No pool,
    No July 4 parade,
    No July 4 fireworks,
    No summer camp,
    What else are we missing.
    This is going to be an interesting summer. Families gonna have to get creative. It will all work out, as long as everyone’s safe, we will all get through this. This will be a learning experience for all of us. Well all we can say is God bless and stay healthy And wash your hands.

  15. Nancy enough is enough, you don’t need this bullshit anymore it’s time to retire.

    Hit the button and don’t look back.

  16. Well they can always play pocket pool .

  17. OK I have plenty for the kids to do. The list will contain many activities.
    1, clean your room
    2 , hope your parents around the house doing chores.
    3, wash the car
    4, clean out the garage
    5, clean out the attic
    6, clean out the basement
    7, Ride your bike
    8, work on your suntan
    9, hang with your friends 6 feet apart.
    10, Of course go on your phone and computer.

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