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Governor Murphy Seeks to Make New Jersey the Abortion State at Taxpayer Expense

baby factories and a safe haven for sex traffickers and sexual predators

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Trenton NJ, Governor Murphy Seeks to Make NJ the Most Dangerous Place for Babies in the Womb and their Mothers: Will the Legislature Follow?

Today, in an attempt to further his presidential ambitions, Governor Murphy announced his support to make NJ a sanctuary state for abortion.

Under Murphy’s plan, NJ will become a global safe haven for sex traffickers and sexual predators who will bring their victims to NJ for free abortions – all paid for by NJ taxpayers. Murphy also wants to open our borders to unqualified clinicians and notorious late term abortionists like Kermit Gosnell and Steven Brigham who have killed and harmed countless women. Sadly, women and minor girls will pay the price for Murphy’s abortion extremism and political ambitions. NJ citizens will also be paying much higher premiums because abortion coverage will be available under NJ health insurance plans with no deductibles, no co-pays and no co-insurance.

The truth of the matter is that New Jersey doesn’t have an abortion access problem, we have an abortion problem. According to the most recent statistics, 28% of pregnancies in NJ end in abortion, distinguishing us as the state with the highest rate of abortions in the nation. In 2017, 48,110 abortions were performed in New Jersey (source: 2017 figures from the Alan Guttmacher Institute). Although abortion advocates and Governor Murphy claim that minority women don’t have access to abortion, the sad reality is that the statistics prove otherwise. In 2019, the figures show that 38.8% of all abortions in NJ are performed on African American women. (

Governor Murphy has made it clear through his actions and incendiary language that he will stop at nothing to satisfy his political ambitions and insatiable appetite for abortion, even it means abusing his authority and pushing unsafe, unconstitutional laws that will undoubtedly harm women and exponentially increase the number of babies killed by abortion in New Jersey.

12 thoughts on “Governor Murphy Seeks to Make New Jersey the Abortion State at Taxpayer Expense

  1. Governor A$$hole is also a murderer.

  2. Wtf is going on with this state ??! This summer can’t come soon enough to get the Hell out of here!!!

    1. This state IS an abortion

  3. This is a good plan. It should just go further. NJ needs to start advertising in all the red states that NJ is a safe place to go for effective abortions.

    There is no such thing as an abortion problem, but there is an Anti-Abortion follower problem. Why? Because an Anti-Abortion agenda is always for religious reasons. I do not want government policy dictated by the Vatican or by some Evangelical who really just cares about getting people upset so in the end it lines his own pocketbook.

    I am not a Catholic and I do not want some uppity bishop in Rome with delusions of grandeur to be telling people what they should be doing with their bodies. What’s next, outlawing contraception? The Catholic Church is against that too, so James will be fully on board. Or course pushing a religions agenda in the government is extremely unconstitutional, but James here is all for that. Not to mention 69% of the US population are all for freedom of choice on this issue, so James you and your religious backed agenda are a minority, and luckily the country is not a theocracy, though I am sure James here would just love to force everyone to follow his religion if he could.

    Besides hopefully Murphy will now push stem cell research here as well. The waste material from abortions is a great source of material that can be used to help cure diseases and make vaccines for people who are actually alive.

    It is also just funny a man is the one writing this article, why not ask the women who are actually affected by this their opinion on it?

    1. yes we agree abortion is just a big big business ,with lots of political donation to its friends

    2. the unborn child has a right to life. no need to invoke religion.

      1. Murphy has about the same contempt for the born as well as the unborn.

    3. Using aborted fetus’ material for genetic advantages or “modern medical advance” sounds disgusting to any religion. Who are you? At what age do we get to decide about the disposal of a bad choice?

  4. All Babies Lives Matter

  5. Wait for murphy to change the NJ flag to a coathanger with the red circle/dash

  6. Why stop here?
    Give mothers the ability to abort through the 12th month….


  7. Why would anyone with a brain vote for a political party that doesn’t value, respect, or even acknowledge the life of a baby?

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