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Governor Phil Murphy Imposes New Restaurant, Sports Restrictions

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Trenton NJ, Governor Phil Murphy Imposes New Restaurant, Sports Restrictions. Directly impacting Village restaurants. All restaurants must close indoor premises by 10 p.m. cannot and cannot reopen until 5 p.m., effective Thursday, Nov. 12th. Outdoor dining can continue past 10 p.m., as can takeout and delivery service,  and heated dining bubbles will be allowed, according to Governor Phil Murphy, who addressed the media this afternoon at the War Memorial in Trenton.

Murphy made his announcement amid spiking COVID-19 spread, he said , “These measures are being taken to provide our restaurants with greater flexibility as the weather gets colder,” the governor said.

Governor Phil Murphy added more restrictions, all indoor sports create greater teamwide transmission, Murphy acknowledged. “Starting Thursday, all interstate games and tournaments are prohibited for the time being,” said the governor.

“New Jersey is back at levels we thought we left months ago,” Murphy added, in reference to the virus.

The overnight COVID-19 numbers:

2,075 cases, bringing the statewide total to 256,653. Since Thursday, the state has recorded 9,524 additional cases. “This is the first day since June 9th that the total hospitalizations has topped 1,500,” Murphy noted.

“There’s no question the numbers are goin up, and in the wrong direction,” he said.

Eleven additional people lost their lives to the virus, bringing the total number of fatalities to 14,640 confirmed and 1,800 probable losses.


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