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Graydon Reports 2020 Results

photos by Boyd Loving

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood Nj, Graydon pool reported its 2020 COVID19 related results. In 2019 Graydon had 2316 registered members . In 2020 Graydon pool dropped to1529 registered members . However the Village Parks & Recreation day camp did not operate this summer due to COVID 19 concerns. Day camp participants are always required to obtain seasonal Graydon memberships.

Seniors were 392 in 2019 vs 320 in 2020 and non resident membership was 222 in 2019 vs 204 in 2020 . Day passes were 5676 in 2019 vs 5189 in 2020.

Given the national pandemic and the fear level particularly in Ridgewood  Graydon was an oasis in a time of fear and uncertainty . More than just a town pool it’s a park .
Those who comment on the coast would be well advised to remember the new Hudson garage also fails to make money, and if the current commuter situation remains the same the meters and the garage will live off the good will of taxpayers for many years . Most village services including recycling  do not make money . At lest  Graydon has made money in the past unlike most village services .

9 thoughts on “Graydon Reports 2020 Results

  1. It was a great summer for Graydon. Water quality was the best ever. Facility was super clean. Everyone except the pool manager was pleasant. Nice work Villsge Council for making them open.

  2. pool manager is a large gasbag they need to hire a person with better customer service skills every word out of his mouth is no he’s got to go soon way too bossey

  3. Completely underutilized space.

  4. They can have more activities there. That would be nice.

  5. Thank goodness the pool was open this summer. Families really need it. Good job

  6. I haven’t been to Graydon since the kid drowned….2009 ?

  7. So revenues dropped -29% year-on-tear to $265,000. But what were the costs to operate Graydon? These numbers only tell part DC of the story. How much Village taxpayer money was lost ?

  8. Glad to see how much money we lost by opening. Was it worth it? Readers of this blog commonly express their want to rip the school budget to shreds focusing on lowering taxes. But we’re alright with graydon taking a $100,000+ loss? So hypocritcal. One is about the potential to improve education and the other is operating an amenity

    1. I know that they didn’t have pools like Graydon in the projects in the south Bronx but in time you will figure it out

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