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Happy Birthday to Alexander Hamilton!

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Image: Courtesy of The Paterson Museum
Paterson NJ, sorry we are a little late , born January 11th on the island on Nevis, Hamilton is a key figure in American history. He was the first Secretary of the Treasury, served as a senior aide to George Washington, and founded the United States Coast Guard.

Alexander Hamiliton made his reputation as a Revolutionary War  hero serving as the chief staff aide of General George Washington and became one of America’s most influential Founding Fathers. He was an impassioned champion of a strong federal government, authoring a majority of the Federalist Papers and played a key role in defending and ratifying the U.S. Constitution. Hamilton was the first secretary of the U.S. Treasury,  and the architect of America’s financial system .At the Treasury Hamilton built a financial foundation for the new nation creating the first national bank 1791, the United States Coast Guard in 1790 and the United States Mint .  Creating a system of tariffs and support for manufacturing. Arranging and paying-off of the $50 million in debt that the country had incurred towards the Revolutionary War securing the country’s credit-worthiness. Hamilton founded Bank of New York in 1784, the New York Post in 1801 , and  Founded the City of Paterson  in 1791
To us locally, he is the father of Paterson, New Jersey. At a picnic with Washington, Marquis de Lafayette, and James McHenry, Hamilton saw the might of Great Falls as the key to a new nation’s future. Hamilton, thus, developed a plan to make Paterson America’s first planned industrialized city, and the rest, as they say, is history. So head over to the Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park and witness the impetus for Hamilton’s vision.

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  1. He wasn’t cancelled?

  2. No, Alex wasn’t canceled. He believed in Diversity. Ask Mrs Hemmings.

  3. Hey! It’s the guy from Broadway!!

  4. Isn’t that the Broadway show that Culturally Appropriated a white guys life?

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