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Hazmat Called in to Deal With Wyckoff Home Toxic Release

photos courtesy of the Wyckoff Volunteer Fire Department

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Wyckoff NJ, last Saturday, the Wyckoff Fire Department  was dispatched to a residential home for a chlorine/ ammonia mixture that was released. Assistance was requested from Mahwah Hazmat as well as Bergen County Hazmat. The problem was rapidly mitigated and all units were released.

Later, Tower 241 and Engine 235 were requested to Franklin Lakes for a tree and wires down burning. Both units are providing automatic coverage for Franklin Lakes this evening.

2 thoughts on “Hazmat Called in to Deal With Wyckoff Home Toxic Release

  1. “for a chlorine/ ammonia mixture”

    Wow, sounds almost like somebody tried to use bleach to clean a toilet that had one of those blue type bars in it……

  2. You needed to call HAZMAT for this?
    For a household cleaning snafu
    It’s not like he was manufacturing chlorine and ammonia.

    Total waste of resources.

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