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Heavy Rain Leaves Parts of Ridgewood Underwater

photos by Boyd Loving 

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, heavy rain fell over North Jersey on Thursday night, leading to flooding and water rescues as high water levels still trouble the region. Ridgewood experienced the usual issues along the Ho-Ho-Kus Brook . Both the Ridgewood High School field and Veterans Field along with the Ridgewood Municipal complex flooded . No word on damages yet and no injuries reported .


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22 thoughts on “Heavy Rain Leaves Parts of Ridgewood Underwater

  1. The new sod on the baseball must be downriver by now.

  2. Let’s make sure we spend another 200k on stevens

  3. Let’s keep replacing plastic grass in a floodplain and see how fast we can go bankrupt.

  4. Did the village ever buy a boat. They were looking at one.

    1. As Roy said in Jaws

      We are going to need a Bigger Boat ..

      This was the second flood THIS year

  5. Why are the duck pond and the glen rock pod closed today April 8, 2022?

  6. We’re going to need to bring the Army Corps of Engineers to design a system to try and control the what, where, when and how of the flow of excess water during these regular and never-ending flooding events. Time to face up to the fact that parts of Ridgewood are effectively no different than the ninth ward of New Orleans.

  7. Duck pond being renovated.

  8. Where is the boat. It’s time to purchase a rubber lightweight boat . And don’t come back and tell us that we can borrow one from the county. Or another town. That takes too much time.

  9. Is FEMA going to pay For all this damage.

  10. Keep building.

  11. This storm altho bad was expected had ridgewood top of the charts with close to 4 inches of rain in regional area within 10 ? Hours into early morning

    This is also a regional emergency hospital location ..def risk here for trauma patients

  12. Bergen county needs to get a hold of the Army Corps of Engineers. Parts of the Hohokus Brooke needs to be re-dredged.that would help.

    1. what sort of 2 morons votes thumbs down?
      are the fallen trees, trash and shopping carts some sort of historic designation

      1. You seem to not know what dredging is, if you think it’s surface obstructions.

  13. The need is clear, and the village can’t wait any longer: Ridgewood needs a full time Swift Water rescue team with trained divers, various boats, and possibly air support (no more then two small helicopters) for situations like this. These major floods have been happening more and more frequently. They happen with little to no warning, and the village needs trained professionals that can react immediately.

    1. fund it from the bloated school budget

  14. Has the cost of these turf fields versus grass ever been revisited? Also, what ever became of the committee that was established after the last flood?

  15. Dredging will not happen due to the environmental laws. Raise the banks and remove debris that is constricting flow.

  16. Bridge between Stevens and Stadium fields acts as a bottleneck.

    1. But not, presumably, Ridgewood ave 100 yards away. Or Spring ave just down from that. Sure.

  17. With the plastic turf fields being unusable why are the lights on?

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