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He’s back, and he’s tan, rested, and ready! Tony Merlino returns to run Village’s Building Department

by the staff of The Ridgewood Blog
Ridgewood NJ, The Ridgewood Blog has just received official word that Village Manager Heather Mailander has hired Anthony (Tony) Merlino as Director of the Village’s Building Department.  Tony replaces former Director Paul Kalksma, who retired effective May 1, 2021.

Long time readers of The Ridgewood Blog no doubt recall that Tony was the Building Department’s Director for many years prior to his retirement in late 2015, as summarized in this exclusive article from The Ridgewood Blog:
Due to his status as a pension recipient, Tony is limited to part time work only.  He is expected to be in the office no more than 25 hours per week.
Welcome back Tony!

20 thoughts on “He’s back, and he’s tan, rested, and ready! Tony Merlino returns to run Village’s Building Department

  1. I’ll bet that none of Aronsohn’s cronies are happy about this. They hated Tony. Especially Blondie. If they all hated Tony, then that means he’s the best!

  2. Why?

    Is that the best we can do? The department was backlogged when he was in charge. He never implemented the recommended computer systems.

    Why do we look backwards?

  3. Roberta must be fuming !!

  4. Tony is the best! This is great news.

  5. Tony knows how to get things done based on my personal experience. He’s hands on.

    The rest of that group better wake up!

  6. The people who didn’t like Tony were the people who tried to use their political status (or perceived political status) in the community to skirt the rules. Tony didn’t care who they were; the rules had to be followed during his tenure.

  7. Go ahead Roberta. Make Tony’s day. File that building permit application.

  8. Tony is thorough, follows the ordinances, knows the history, and doesn’t rush things through. That’s why it may take a while. He is careful and doesn’t bow to political pressure. Welcome back!

  9. Even assuming that this decision was based upon the best candidate (ha), then the others must have been abysmal.

  10. Is it an amazing how things come full circle.
    And he’s not the only one coming back, wait until the other guy comes back And takes control again.

  11. Tony has always been helpful and professional. No shortcuts with him. You know when he approved or inspectected a permit the job was done right. Welcome back.

  12. oh yes what other guys would that be.

  13. Guess what the computer program did not speed anything up. It still takes time to review all the paperwork computer or not. Sometimes paper and pencil work better.

  14. One thing we all know Tony would’ve never approved the pickle ball without the proper details in order. None of us under the table bullshit.

  15. This is not a good development. The department was not working well when he was with us.

  16. Oh we herd about who They need back in that department. It will happen in time. They need the experience.

  17. Who says he doesn’t give into politics. He approved the vagiano wall?

  18. Is he part of the 4.4% municipal tax increase?

  19. No there’s more to that wall and being sad. Can you fax ‘s in order stupid. Dirty politics brother

  20. it seems to us that someone is a little bit concerned.

    That’s what happens when you don’t have any experience.

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