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High Density Construction the doom of Ridgewood’s Central Business District?

Brake o rama Ridgewood
photo by Boyd Loving
March 21,2016
the staff of the Ridgewood blog
Ridgewood NJ, with the March 23, meeting just around the corner and the almost certain approval by the Village Council of 4 major developments in Ridgewood’s central business district and a new parking garage on Hudson Street , the only question that remains to be asked is will any Ridgewood merchants actually survive construction?

Readers predict massive traffic jams and a central business district that will remain nearly inaccessible during  construction phase.
While the Mayor and rest of the council majority continues to assure us the the 5  simultaneous developments will have no impact on life in  the Village . That’s no impact on traffic, schools, water ,and sewage the experts tell us.

Many merchants already claim with out more parking they are done , so how the Ridgewood blog asks can a small business stay afloat  with virtually no traffic for two years??

16 thoughts on “High Density Construction the doom of Ridgewood’s Central Business District?

  1. Those in power seem to have there heads buried in the sand if they actually think there will be no impact, the three stooges just do not give a shit.

  2. Dreadful

  3. You are missing the point. The 3 stooges actually do give a very big shit. However, their big shit is not in the best interests of Ridgewood. The Mayor has his sights set on higher political office, and he is simply going through the standard NJ route to get there by greasing the wheels. You have to pay-to-play. As for the other two, they are simply hitching their wagons to the Mayor in the hope that he makes it. Their support will be rewarded if he does.

  4. Big Al the Developer Friend will have new clients that he can bring in front of his friends on the Planning Board
    Gwenn will go back to fundraising for Valley Hospital to pay for the their massive building.

  5. All of the sites are large enough to contain the staging within the boundaries of each site.

    How is the construction going to create “massive traffic jams”?

  6. I’m sure Saraceno is about to buy the property of Brake O Rama, so he can have his monster housing spread from Sealfons all the way down to Franklin., Disgusting

  7. This is a great photo, says a lot about the changing times.

  8. 9:20: I don’t know what the developers intention is, but you’re a true visionary, replacing a Brake O’ Rama with a new high end residential building would be a devastating loss for Ridgewood!

  9. 12:02, you can’t forget about the major loss of the Hallmark flooring building, that historic landmark will be replaced also. Get real people, progress is a good thing.

  10. screw it, build build build, I,M moving,

  11. They could do something with those properties NOW, they just don’t want to work within our current master plan because they won’t make as much money. So they got our council to screw us.

  12. Anon 12:02 and 12:16, you forget that the Brake-O-Rama building and old Nash car dealership are an integral part of the Ridgewood “Americana” scene some of us are working so hard to “preserve.” And while we are at it, let us preserve the Brogan property as a fine example of c 1950 car dealership architecture.

  13. Rurik, Funny how you want to “preserve” a few buildings in Ridgewood, but not so much when it comes to the entire neighborhood around Valley hospital. And really interesting how you comment on this thread but run from answering a simple question directed at you on another. So much for your credibility.

  14. I feel sad.

  15. 2:21…th

    Great suggestions Rurik! I love the idea of preserving these properties!

  16. They may want to clean it up before “preserving ” it since that corner has looked like a piece of garbage for a hell of a long time. The apartment building across the street has certainly done their part over the years to make that intersection look decent. To whoever maintains it, thank you.
    Any comment, Rurik ?

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