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Hirsh Singh: “Open Up The New Jersey Economy”

the staff  of the Ridgewood blog

LINWOOD NJ, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Hirsh Singh called for the calibrated reopening of the New Jersey economy and ending the lockdown of the state. While speaking to his supporters, Singh presented his plan that would not only open up the economy, but also help contain the spread of COVID-19.

According to Singh’s plan, we should continue all efforts to contain and control the virus in the areas that have been hit the hardest, but in areas where we have healthy low-risk individuals able to work and which have not been as seriously hit as the areas adjoining New York City, we must immediately start reopening for humanitarian, constitutional, and economic reasons even as we put social distancing norms into place and maintain such norms.

“COVID-19 is deadly and must be taken seriously, but there is no value in burning down the metaphorical village to save it. Quarantine used to be for sick people, now it is being used wrongly for healthy people,” said Singh.

According to Singh, we are quickly approaching a “point of no return” for the economy and American way of life, as almost 26 million people are now unemployed due to the COVID-19 lockdown. As the United States, unlike many other nations in the world, is not dependent on a public transportation system, maintaining such social distancing measures “can be achieved,” he added.

Singh pointed to the examples of societies in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the Czech Republic, all of which are maintaining safe social distancing without crippling their economies. He specifically pointed out that Taiwan was exposed weeks before New York City and has a greater population than NYC and the North Jersey regions but has only a fraction of the COVID-19 incidents. “The U.S. should be leading. Instead, we have orchestrated a depression,” said Singh.

Turning to the effects of the lockdown, Singh stated that it is the middle class and the poor who are being utterly crushed by this economic shutdown.

“People are running out of credit and cash reserves, while small businesses of all sorts are going to cease to exist if re-opening doesn’t occur. Bailouts and stimulus checks in perpetuity are not sustainable and are utterly inconsistent with the free enterprise system and American way of life.”

Singh then predicted how the bottom would fall out of the economy, saying that “the stimulus checks in areas like New Jersey are worth less than an average location’s monthly rent. Mortgages, rent payments, car payments will default, and banks will fail due to this. We could even see a breakdown of law and order as people won’t be able to buy food. The lockdown could also lead to an artificial famine as we are seeing a breakdown of the food supply chain.”

Singh ended his talk by saying that following our Founding Fathers has always been the best approach to handling problems and right now is no different. He pointed out that the lockdown was in direct violation of the United States Constitution and called for the stay at home order to end.

8 thoughts on “Hirsh Singh: “Open Up The New Jersey Economy”

  1. Really Is he in the medical field.

  2. He is right. We all now realize that our predictions of death and misery were way overblown and that huge numbers of us have already got it with no ill effects. Let’s get the F out of our houses and back to work. The liberals are against it only because they know the weaker economy stays, the weaker position their arch enemy TRUMP is.

    KAG 2020.

  3. I’m not a liberal, I never would of thought that this would’ve turned out to be this at the end of April. Back in February beginning of March it was all about washing your hands and people were laughing. Well it’s true. Like it or not. This will change the world from day On a daily basis.

  4. “Really Is he in the medical field.”
    This is NOT a medical issue.

  5. Really then what it is

  6. I used to be but now I hate liberals. Regardless, this pandemic is BAD. If people start using mass transit be prepared for apocalypse. If they go for opening the economy then EVERYBODY must use APPROVED face masks, no exceptions otherwise stay home. Even by doing this there will be turmoil but the economy will need to open up at some point.
    And I don’t believe for a second that we are not capable of producing a drug for this virus. This is all planned for whatever sinister reason of those in global power who want to push their money making and power controlling interests.

  7. Think about all these locations they been filthy for years. Unfortunately this disease open everybody’s eyes. Put a pair of rubber gloves on that are white and touch everything around your house and see how dirty your white gloves become. Do you know your white socks get filthy from walking around in your own house. Think about it

  8. Lets hope an effective vaccine is created.
    Lots of optimism…. but I won’t be taking the first years vaccine… why?
    Because we have plenty of viruses that there is NO vaccine for, such as the common cold, AIDS/HIV, and Lyme disease.
    Good look to the researchers. In the mean time, if your fat, have a compromised immune system or are an ancient person… stay home..
    Let the rest of us get back to our lives with gloves, masks and whatever else until this thing dies its own death.

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