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Hoffa Search Leads Back to the King of Con


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Newark NJ, the FBI confirmed Friday it searched a former landfill site under the Pulaski Skyway late last month, though a spokesperson for the Detroit field office, which has been leading the decades-long investigation into the disappearance of former Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa, said she couldn’t speak further because the affidavit is sealed.

The Teamsters boss disappeared in July 1975 and was believed to have been killed by the Mafia, but his body has never been found; he was declared legally dead in 1982.

Investigators have spent the last five decades searching for Hoffa’s remains everywhere from suburban fields in Detroit to the Everglades to Japan, California, the old Giants Stadium and a Jersey City landfill.

In the auto biography of  Bergen County con man Thomas Giacomaro (the King of Con) .Giacomaro gives some insight into Hoffa. Giacomaro met Hoffa when he was a teen working at Maislin Transport , a trucking company based in the Meadowlands as the office “gopher”– his first job in the trucking industry. The day he picked up Hoffa at the airport as one of his tasks, Hoffa predicted Tommy would be very successful in the biz.

Hoffa told him, “You’re smart and fast; I can see that and so can Alex Maislin. We talked about you. You’re going to have a big career in the trucking business, lemme tell you. Welcome to the brotherhood. You’re gonna go far.” 

It was a major, major turning point in Tom’s young life. After that, Tom was given the job of taking suitcases full of cash to Hoffa in Detroit.

After Hoffa went missing a few years later, the FBI showed up at Tom’s job at North American Van Lines, where he was now a top salesman (“The Appliance King”) to ask him if he knew anything about it.


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  1. Love it…Great Book as well.
    Francois Larosa

  2. I highly recommend the book The King of Con…it’s amazing… should be required reading for any Accounting major or financial major in college… what a book! Read it twice!!!

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