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Homeless Reported Again at the Ridgewood Bus Station

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the Ridgewood bus station has been home from time to time for many with mental or substance abuse issues .Recently the Ridgewood blog has run a host of photos of homeless in town at the bus or train stations.

17 thoughts on “Homeless Reported Again at the Ridgewood Bus Station

  1. Hope your town explores the many services offered by both county departments, veterans and non-profits (Bergen New Bridge Hospital).

  2. They will have much nicer quarters soon. Multiple levels, an elevator. Ground breaking next month.

  3. Its an actor. We don’t have homeless in Ridgewood.

  4. Hey he is only sleeping. Give him a break.

  5. Boy that’s stinks.Can we get them some kind a help support.

  6. he is a drunk , people help him but he spends his money on booze

  7. Ok, he needs rehab.

  8. I love the “can WE help him” comment.

    Go down there yourself if you truly feel benevolent. Otherwise, you are simply making yourself feel better with your pointless comment

  9. Lets build that GINORMOUS GARAGE CRIME MAGNET soon so we can ELIMINATE this problem….

  10. Actor, REALLY? I guess like all the “actors” in California Oregon Colorado and all the other Liberal Run cities around this country in Sanctuary States like NJ is! Before you know it beautiful Ridgewood will be another TENT CITY LINED WITH HOMELESSNESS FREE NEEDLES AND INJECTION SITES! It’s right around the corner, Just watch!

  11. Ok I will give him food. And drinks. It’s hot.

    1. that’s why he hangs out there

  12. Garage assholes alert ! Garage assholes alert!

  13. The garage assholes are still building the garage, right?
    Alert duely noted.

  14. Maybe all the retired policemen can patrol the garage beat gratis given we subsidize their bloated pensions and healthcare?

  15. Yes we are.
    And it’s going to be big and well lit and fully utilized
    And will support the continued growth of the CBD.
    And the best part?
    There’s nothing you anti garage, don’t know how to spell
    Idiots can do about it.
    Garage asshole alert…Duly noted.

  16. I’m outraged. The audacity to post not only this picture but this article. Why don’t you actually do something to help, something that will at least be beneficial.

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