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How Bad Does He Have To Be?

How Bad Does He Have To Be?

A few months ago, I was visiting a good friend of mine, when his niece stopped by. She’s about 23 years old, and like most younger voters, she got swept up in the “Hope and Change” hooey in 2008 and voted for Barack Obama. So when my friend saw her in August, he asked her for whom she was going to vote this time.

She hesitated and shifted in her chair, glancing from him to me. “Well….I…I…haven’t really decided yet,” she stammered. Aha! If she were telling the truth, then we had a real undecided voter in front of us. Imagine the luck! My friend then very calmly posed a very simple question to her:

“How bad does he have to be?”

“What?” she asked. My friend continued:

“How bad does he have to be for you to deny him a second term? How bad does he have to be for you to fire him? You’re the one with power to do that. Seriously: how bad does he have to be?”

His niece was rendered speechless. She couldn’t answer. There was no answer.

And in that moment, I realized that his simple question perfectly framed the referendum on Barack Obama. How bad does he have to be?

Under Obama, we have experienced:
* Unprecedented, bankrupting spending
* $6 Trillion added to the national debt, bringing is to an unfathomable $16.2 trillion and counting
* Annual trillion dollar-plus deficits
* 23 million+ people out of work, stopped looking for work, or underemployed
* An unemployment rate higher today than it was when he entered office
* Anemic economic growth
* A record 47 million people on food stamps
* 15 million people living in poverty
* Highly unpopular socialized medicine that is already breaking the bank
* A gunwalking program across an international border that put guns in the hands of the Mexican drug cartels, which were then used to shoot dead two American heroes, Border Agent Brian Terry and ICE Agent Jaime Zapata
* Destructive class warfare and unprecedented divisions among race, class, gender, and age lines
* A foreign policy in collapse and embroiled in a web of lies: the rise of the Islamists across the Middle East; four dead Americans, including a U.S. Ambassador; al Qaeda resurgent across the Middle East and North Africa; Russia and China running wild; Iran ever-closer to a nuclear weapon; allies dissed; and enemies emboldened.

(I could go on, but the internet only has so much space.)

This is a record of catastrophic failure. Of course, Obama’s objective has been to expand government as big and as fast as possible, in order to expand the number of people dependent on government as fast as possible, in order to create a permanent Democrat voting majority. So while us NORMAL Americans look at the Obama record and see total disaster, he and his fellow leftist kooks see a wild success.

But for any NORMAL American, this is a record of freedom-crushing government power and economic misery, poverty, and destruction. No sane person should be voting for four more years of this—and worse.

If you are still undecided at this late hour, ask yourself one question:

How bad does he have to be?

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