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Hurricane Sandy Updates From the Mayor Paul Aronsohn

Hurricane Sandy Updates – Nov 4, 2012 3PM – From the Mayor Paul Aronsohn

Statement from Mayor Paul Aronsohn

Restoring power to Ridgewood has and remains our number priority in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. We fully recognize the hardship being faced by many Ridgewood families and are doing everything possible to mitigate it.

The storm did considerable damage to Ridgewood. Immediately following the hurricane, it was estimated that over 70% of the Village was without power. That included Valley Hospital and the Ridgewood Water Company. (Both have since been restored.)

Yesterday, PSEG estimated that about 55% of Ridgewood remained without power. Today, the utility estimates that approximately 66% of the Village has no power.

The disparity in PSEG’s numbers (increasing from yesterday) speaks to two very unfortunate facts. One is the extent of the damage to Ridgewood. One is the often confusing information coming from PSEG over the past week.

Please be assured that we are doing everything possible to restore power. We have been in regular contact with County and State leaders. We have been in regular contact with PSEG’s regional and state management. And our tree crews have done everything possible from their end to facilitate access to PSEG workers. But PSEG — and only PSEG — has the physical ability to restore power.

Going forward, we will continue to focus on this issue fully and completely. Restoring power to Ridgewood residents is our number one priority.

Please feel free to email me ( or call my cell (201.213.1811) with any questions.

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