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How Much Money Can You Make as a Private Hire Driver?

Being a private hire driver is in demand in the job market right now. If you’re planning to become one, you must be wondering how much you can make. 

In this article, we’ll talk about a private hire driver’s earnings and other benefits the job can give. Read on to know more. 

How to Become a Private Hire Driver? 

To be a private hire driver, you need to complete many prerequisites. 

For one, you need to get the proper license. In the UK, you can apply for a private hire driver’s license and work for a licensed private hire operator. 

Transport for London offers a detailed guide on how to do this. Generally, though, you need to meet the criteria below to get a license: 

You must be at least 21 years old

You must hold a full DVLA, Northern Ireland, and other EEA state driving license. These licenses must be at least three years old. 

Then, you need to undergo a medical examination to ensure you’re physically fit. 

And lastly, you’ll take a topographical skills assessment exam from accredited centers.

How Much Can You Earn? 

Neuvoo UK puts the median salary for private hire drivers at £39,000 per year or around £20 per hour.

The lower values are at £16,575 per year for entry-level positions. 

Experienced drivers can earn up to £60,720 per year. 

These rates are generally higher than the national average, so being a private hire driver is likely a good career option if you can pass the prerequisites. 

Best Practices to Earn More 

If you’re sold to those numbers and you want to make this your career, the following best practices will help you become successful and earn more. 

Improve Your People Skills 

If you can connect with other people quickly, then you’ll be great as a private hire driver.

You’ll be dealing with the general public. And while not everybody is up for chitchat during the trip, a nicely delivered compliment or conversation opener can offer a great experience to your passengers. 

Get Private Car Insurance 

This is a must. Getting your car insured is a mandatory procedure in the UK.

Check out the different coverages, plans, and premiums you can get. This is especially important when you’re a taxi or an Uber driver. So search now and find the best private hire insurance uber or taxi. 

Time Your Trips Well 

You may drive full-time, or you may drive only during your free time. Regardless, you should master the art of reading the best times to go out. 

In the morning, the best hours are between 5 AM and 8 AM, when most people go to work or take their trips. 

In the afternoon, go out between 4 PM and 7 PM, when most people are going home from a full day’s work. 

And in the evening, most late workers finish between 10 PM and 1 AM. During weekends or holidays, more people are going out to have fun. 

Become the Best Driver 

Generally speaking, nothing beats being a good (earning) driver other than being the best driver out there. 

Driver safely and follow proper road conduct. Be courteous to other drivers, follow the highway code, and gain as much understanding of the trade as you can. 

Ready to Earn as a Private Hire Driver? 

Private vehicle driving can be a very lucrative profession if you love driving. You also have better flexibility when it comes to time and schedule, plus you can have more fun meeting people if you’re what they call a people person. With the earnings fairly high and the job being fun, private hire driving can be a great profession for you.

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