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How to do an outline for an essay

Write an introduction to the essay

 The introduction should give the reader the basic information about the problem. You also have to write the thesis statement in the first paragraph. Try to make an impression in the act of enthrallment, but do not overdo it. Uniquely summarize the events – it is better to simply state your arguments. Do not write dramatic introductions (it is best not to leave signs of writing and wiggles at the very beginning). Do not write in the first and second persona. 

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Example of an introduction: During the Early Middle Ages, the German people followed this rule: if a person was in misery, he had the right to be saved. In the epic poem Beowulf, the protagonist Beowulf must fight against two antagonistic forces that want to take revenge on all humanity. The comparison of the act of revenge on Grendel’s mother and the dragon shows that the belief in fair pay was a characteristic feature of the Early Middle Ages. Looking at the causes of the attack, the act of revenge and Beowulf’s reaction to the attacks, we can conclude that the dragon’s actions were more just.

Write the paragraphs of the main part of the text

Each paragraph should consist of 1) the main statement, 2) the analysis of the text part, 3) the argument from the text, which supports the analysis of the work and the thesis statement. The main proposition contains information about the content of the paragraph. You analyze the text when you give your arguments. Remember the facts to support your argument. Keep in mind that each statement must support the argument. 

  • An example of the central proposition: The main difference between the two attacks is the concept of “unequal retaliation. 


  • Analysis: Grendel’s mother does not simply seek revenge, according to the Middle Eastern saying “an eye for an eye. Instead, she wants to take life for life, turning Hrothgar’s kingdom into ruins. Case in point: Instead of simply killing the warrior Escher and committing an act of revenge, she quickly takes the noble warrior back to her hers and

It is necessary to know when it is necessary to insert quotations and paraphrase thoughts

 Quoting means taking a certain portion of the text in your paws and inserting it into the text. Quoting is good when you want to capture the essence of the work and support your argument. Be sure to use the correct form of citation, depending on the reverse style: MLA, APA, or Chicago. A paraphrase is a summary of the text. As a rule, summarizing is used when you select the main information from the text so that the argument will be over controversial. 

  • An example of the quote: “She rushed forward without paying any attention to them, and with a shout of defeat, she grabbed Escher, whom Hrodegar liked the most, and the next minute she was gone by night. (1294). 


  • An example of a paraphrased phrase: Grendel’s mother held on to Heorot, stole one of the sleeping men and fell in the night. (1294).


Make your own opinions

 In the conclusion, you can tell the readers about the process of proving the argument. You may also rephrase the thesis statement, but do it in such a way that you don’t just repeat the thesis statement word for word from the introduction. Some teachers want you to form a link between the sub-stories in the summary. This means that you have to submit an “integrated decision. You must show how your arguments are connected to the main idea of the work, and how your thinking can influence the reader’s judgment. 

  • An example of a deduction: 


The concept of an eye for an eye had a great impact during the Early Middle Ages. Only by comparing the Grendel and the dragon’s attack, we can understand the difference between the perception of fair and unfair punishment. The dragon acts on inspiration, but Grendel’s attack has evil intentions. 

  • An example of an integral Vitré `: 


The concept of “an eye for an eye” had a great impact during the Early Middle Ages. Only by comparing the attack of Grendel and the dragon, we can understand the difference between the perception of fair and unfair punishment. The dragon acts on impulse, but Grendel’s attack has evil intentions. This analysis should send the reader off on the side of the dragon, since the description of Grendel’s actions brings to mind that he is an immoral, evil creature.

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Check the essay for grammatical and spelling mistakes

 As a rule, a work with a lot of mistakes is given a lower score than the one that was checked and corrected. Check your spelling, look for rhetorical inconsistencies in the text, and check your punctuation.

Read the text in voice

 Voice-over reading helps you see places in the text that are not audible. You can also find self-written and difficult sentences that have been overlooked.

Be sure that the names of characters, names, and places are spelled correctly

 Teachers will lower the grade if they notice that the main character’s name is misspelled a few times. Go back to the paper or article and make sure you wrote it correctly. 

If you are analyzing a film, find the list of characters on the Internet. Use two or three sources to make sure you have written everything correctly.

Be aware that you are a teacher, and reread the story

 Did you clearly state your opinion? Is it easy to understand the structure of the essay? Does the text clearly state the topic?

Ask someone else to reread your essay

 Perhaps this person thinks some episodes should be added or removed? Do you understand the basic idea of your work?

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