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How To Make Your Apartment’s Kitchen Look More Luxurious

Does your kitchen apartment need a little sprucing up? A little sparkle or shine? Is it missing that magical je ne sais quoi that leaves you feeling cozy or happy or comfortable in your own home?

People spend a lot of time in their kitchens throughout their lives, making this space particularly important. There’s no reason you need to be frustrated with your kitchen forever. The following is going to break down some of the simpler tweaks you can make to help your kitchen look and feel more luxurious.

Add Life to Your Kitchen

House plants and fresh fruit and flowers are all examples of how you can add a little life to your kitchen for a very low cost. This suggestion gets bonus points because keeping plants in the house actually cleans the air and improves your mental state.

If you’re short on counter space, this can also be a great way to spice up your kitchen without taking up the precious surface area. Tiny plants can sit comfortably on the window sill. A hanging basket with lemons and limes and other beautiful, colorful fruits can be hung in the corner. 

Replace Aged or Icky Fixtures

The tiny things add up in a home. Things like those little plates that cover your electrical outlets, light switches, faucets, drain stoppers, and dish racks can get grimy over time. Often they are inexpensive to replace and result in a fresh feeling in your home. You would be surprised how big an effect something so small can have on the overall vibe of a room.

Change Your Light Bulbs

I know. This is a strange one, but trust me. Lighting can have a massive effect on a room. And like house plants, it affects your mood. Some people prefer softer lighting, some people want a bright white. Not all light bulbs are created equally. Spend some time paying attention to lighting and quickly you’re going to find you have a preference for a certain type of light bulb.

If you are particularly attached to natural lighting, you can set up a mirror in a place where it reflects the sunlight coming through the window. If you want to get really intense with your natural lighting love, you can add a light-catching ornament to the window, which will result in gorgeous sparkles and rainbows and light reflections around the room.

Quirky Clean

This is another odd one, but it is a miracle worker. There are many parts of a home that are not cleaned regularly, but these can have a tremendous impact on how a room feels. Most of these things get cruddy slowly, so slowly that we don’t realize they’re filthy.

Scrub down:

Trim. If you have pets this should become a regular thing, and even if you don’t, this needs to be done every once in a while. The trim gets scuffed and grimy and having clean trim brightens up the whole room.

Walls. Pay special attention to the areas around the garbage, stove, and doorways.

Doors. Over time the oil from our hands builds up and tinges whatever surfaces we touch. Spoiler alert, you and those you live with are always touching the handles of the doors.

Appliances. When was the last time you scrubbed the outside of your refrigerator? Or the dials on your stove? Or the digital clock screen on your coffee maker? These things get dirty, but so slowly that you can’t see it. Just because you didn’t notice the dirt accumulate, doesn’t mean you won’t be able to see the instant lift in a room when you get rid of it. You will.

Don’t Be Afraid To Personalize

Part of what makes a home charming is the people that live within it. Postcards, family photos, artwork, and things of sentimental value can add a unique touch to any home. Sometimes a room doesn’t work because it feels too cold and not human and not lived in. Putting a little bit of yourself into your kitchen can do wonders for the overall vibe.

None of these tips and tricks are expensive or difficult to pull off, but each of them can drastically improve the vibe of your space. You might even find that after applying some of these techniques to your kitchen you want to give them a go in the other rooms of your house. You might let it get out of hand and go on a hunt for strange things you can clean and places you can store plants.

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