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How To Vote In 2020 In South Orange And Maplewood NJ

If you live in the Maplewood and South Orange townships, you will have noticed that there have been some new additions to the areas as of late. Drop boxes for your voter ballots. They were put in place by the Essex County Clerk, and the locations you can find them at are at the Gazebo on Sloan Street in South Orange right outside of the train station and 1618 Springfield Ave if you
live in Maplewood.

If you’re going to be voting this November, here’s more information on what you can do to make sure your vote counts. Because of COVID-19, more voters than ever will have the opportunity to cast their votes by mail on
November 3rd.

The largest amount ever, over three-quarters of Americans will be able to have their voice heard in arguably, one of the biggest and consequential elections to date.

In August, the New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy issued an executive order back in late summer that this election for New Jersians will be a vote-by-mail election for the state's overwhelming majority.

If you’re wondering how you can make sure your vote is secure and counted, you’re going to want to have as much information at your disposal as you can. If you’re also planning to vote by mail, you’re
going to want to make sure you do so as soon as possible so that you don’t miss the deadline.

New Jersey voting instructions for 2020

You are able to choose from 1 of 5 options to make sure your vote is counted:
You’ll be able to mail in your ballot through the United States Postal Service
Return your ballot to a dropbox location
The Board of Elections office will be able to take your ballots. If you live in Essex county, there is a location in Newark at 465 Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr Blvd. Their phone number is (973) 621- 5071
Use this polling place search first and hand in your ballot to a poll worker at that location on the day of the election.
Go in person with a paper ballot to vote. If you’re disabled, you can vote using an ADA voting machine
If you’re going to using the USPS to return your ballot, then by November 3rd, you’re required to have a postmark and be back to the County Clerk by November 10th no later than 8 pm. If there’s a postal error which lacks a valid postmark, your vote will still be considered as long as it is received by November 5th by 8 pm.
In addition to a new president, the people of New Jersey will also be voting for a US Senator, HOR, and more. If you’re in the Maplewood and South Orange areas, you will also be casting your ballot for a BoE
candidate and Township members.

Where Is The Closest DropBox To Me?

If you’re in Essex County, every municipality will be collecting ballots daily. There will be a dropbox there for you as well as representatives from the Board of Elections. Along with a security camera that is
monitoring each box 24/7, the boxes will be sealed and within larger metal boxes for additional security.

Again, the two locations will be on 1618 Springfield Ave in Maplewood or the Gazebo that is located on Sloan Street if you live in South Orange.

Worried About A Disqualified Ballot?

Since this year will likely be a very different experience for you, it can be confusing to make sure everything is done correctly. Please read the directions located on your ballot carefully. Double-check
everything and make sure you’re filling it out correctly. Don’t rush the process and take your time to fill everything in correctly and know how you’re returning it.

If you miss a detail on the ballot, then you could run the risk of your vote being discounted. So please follow all of the directions you see on the ballot in detail. Read through everything thoroughly to make
sure you understand all the directions in its entirety.

You won’t need to provide any postage stamps to your ballot, as it will include return postage already. Please note that the signature on your ballot and the signature on your registration MUST match. If,
however, there is something that went wrong with your ballot, you’ll get a “Cure Form” that will need to be returned 48 hours before the deadline to make it into the final tally.

Tracking Your Ballot

You’ll be able to sign in and track everything on this page. You’ll also be able to call your County Election Officials to see if everything was received.

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