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How to Wear Jewelry with Casual Clothes?

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Ridgewood NJ, Some women think that it’s somehow tacky to wear jewelry except for the wedding ring with a diamond. However, true diamonds can be found on Other women buy jewelry just to cheer themselves up after a hard workweek, but they still do not know how to combine clothes and another “tremendous catch.” So, if you are not the second cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, you should be aware of how to wear jewelry with your favorite sweatshirt.

1. Brooch and shirt.
Usually, people pin a brooch on the lapel of the collar and don’t think about other more interesting ideas. However, a brooch can be worn almost in the hair instead of a hair clip. So, how to wear a brooch? Pin a brooch on a hip to decorate the dress, or on the shoulder to make the neckline look more interesting or use bright brooches on the cuffs of the shirt instead of cufflinks. Another elegant option is to pin a brooch under the throat. Do not be shy to wear several accessories of different size and design at once. The key point is to pin them in one place.

2. Earrings and sweatshirt.
Luxurious volumetric earrings have appeared in the daily wardrobe to remind you that a real woman is hiding under this sweatshirt, puritan turtleneck or your ex-boyfriend’s favorite T-shirt. The right jewelry can make the simplest outfit spectacular. How to wear earrings? The main principle is that the bigger they are, the better. Volumetric rings, heavyweight chandeliers or unusual models will be the best option. Big earrings look good with neutral sweaters, simple blouses, T-shirts, and, of course, sweatshirts.

3. Necklace and office dress.
There is an option for those who live by a schedule, whose days are full of meetings, deadlines, and romantic dates. Sometimes, it can happen that you don’t have enough time to change your outfit at the end of the workday. In order to refresh your image, you can use a necklace. Even the strictest pencil dress will become an evening one if you add a collar of pearls, set in two or four rows. How to wear a necklace? Don’t forget that multiple layers are in vogue now. You can easily combine precious metals with costume jewelry, religious attributes with large stones and modest pendants with chokers. With the current trend of layering necklaces, you have the freedom to experiment with various combinations. When you order personalized necklaces online, you can easily curate a collection that suits your taste and complements your work wardrobe.

4. Bracelet and Breton T-shirt.
Coco Chanel had several favorite images, one of which is a simple Breton T-shirt. The great mademoiselle combined this wardrobe element with exquisite gold and artificial pearl bracelets. You can do the same. How to wear bracelets? It is better to have several bracelets at once, different in thickness, design, and composition. Jewelry can and should be combined with costume jewelry and even with watches. In general, a bracelet will highlight your hands, emphasize refinement and make everyone focus on the shape of the top. Therefore, wear bracelets with a short sleeve or 3/4 sleeve.

5. Set of jewelry and evening dress.
Evening dress and jewelry are the best companions of any girl. If you have a set of jewelry from Adinas Jewels, then your sacred duty is to show them to the world. This option is good for those who prefer perfectionism instead of eclecticism and feel insecure, combining a cheap watch with white gold. How to wear a set of jewelry? A set of jewelry will be perfect for the evening. For example, an evening dress of a delicate white fabric will look good with such precious stones as amber, and a black dress will be matched by pearls. If your evening image includes a whole palette of colors, then limit yourself to gold or silver, not to overload the image. Try to find some individual models, made of several precious metals and different types of precious stones to stand out in a crowd.

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