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Hudson Street Garage Grand Opening November 6th

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the Hudson Street Garage Grand Opening is Friday November 6th at 4pm at Hudson St., and South Broad St. , no more parking problems in Ridgewood.

9 thoughts on “Hudson Street Garage Grand Opening November 6th

  1. Politicians patting themselves on the back.
    Are they going to install one of those bronze plaques?

  2. Look ma, we are in Hackensack again.

  3. I hope to see some graffiti soon. We need to look inclusive.

  4. From that day forward, our parking garage will be an anchor around the neck of the Village’s budget. Admittedly, it looks nicer than anticipated but those bond payments and maintenance expenses will be an ugly reality for years. We have been reminded often that Village project accounting is what the current administration wants it to be and there is not look back or a system of accountability for the financial well being of large projects undertaken by the Village. Be it Village Hall renovations, outdoor bathrooms, or real property purchases, the will of the few has overpower the voices of the many. We have no one to blame but ourselves given the fact that we elected these decision makers.
    Budget decisions are made based on tax appetites and the availability for a jurisdiction’s new bond sales. It seems that if there is the slightest indifference to higher taxes, our elected officials will fill it with a project, regardless of need, return, and impact on future budgets. Old school infrastructure be dammed as Village leaders seemingly don’t get the thrill from a bronze plaque on a new and much needed boiler. Hidden would be that attribution and therefore the effort is redirect to a shinny new structure that will soon lose its glow. If there were any shame within the character of our town representatives, they would pass on the upcoming photo opportunity . I fear that the only long lasting memorial attributable to our new town garage will the debt service line item in our Village’s budget.

    I honestly hope I am wrong. I hope the garage investment does not turn into another Village white elephant. History foretells of another outcome and unfortunately the foot that is our local tax bill will find its home with greater familiarity.

  5. Thank God.
    Once the GINORMOUS GARAGE is open will no longer have any crime in Ridgewood.

  6. Very good Brian well said.

  7. Drove by there today at 1:30-ish….CBD is a ghost town.

  8. New homeless shelter .
    Just in time 😷

    Or, maybe hold the Town Council meetings there?

  9. With more people shopping on line, restaurant’s not doing much business, numerous stores out of business in the CBD, what is the garage for again?

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