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In Wall Street Journal Op Ed Cardinal Dolan says Democrats have abandoned Catholics


March 25,2018
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

New York New York, In an a scathing op-ed published Friday in the Wall Street Journal, Cardinal Timothy Dolan of the Archdiocese of New York lamented that the Democratic Party’s shifting principles have effectively shut out and alienated orthodox Catholics.

Dolan cited the Democrat’s current opposition to school choice programs and tax credits for education, along with their unwavering support for abortion rights, among the reasons why he is disappointed with the party in its current state. Dolan said believes that the Democrats of today have abandoned many of the tenets that made the party attractive to Catholics generations ago.

Dolan was particularly critical of a proposed New York law titled the “Reproductive Health Act,” which he says would “morbidly expand” the “most radical abortion license in the country.” The New York State Assembly is overwhelmingly Democrat.

“For instance, under the proposed Reproductive Health Act, doctors would not be required to care for a baby who survives an abortion. The newborn simply would be allowed to die without any legal implications,” wrote Dolan.

What’s more, Dolan explained, is that he feels the Democrats are making it harder for low and middle-class children to get an education at a Catholic school.

“In recent years, some Democrats in the New York state Assembly repeatedly blocked education tax credit legislation, which would have helped middle-class and low-income families make the choice to select Catholic or other nonpublic schools for their children,” said Dolan. The cardinal said this type of legislation impedes the mission of these schools to serve poor, often immigrant, children.

Dolan admitted that while he has “ had spats and disappointments” with politicians from both major political parties in the United States, he is particularly upset by the Democratic Party’s swing in a direction that excludes people like his grandmother.

“But,” he said. “It saddens me, and [it] weakens the democracy millions of Americans cherish, when the party that once embraced Catholics now slams the door on us.”

The Cardinal, 68, said DNC Chairman Tom Perez insisted in 2016 that pro-life candidates have no place in the modern Democratic Party.

“The ‘big tent’ of the Democratic Party now seems a pup tent,” he said.

14 thoughts on “In Wall Street Journal Op Ed Cardinal Dolan says Democrats have abandoned Catholics

  1. Democrats (more correctly, the Democrat Party) have abandoned religion and God.

  2. Democrats have simply found a new religion.
    Non-believers are to be shunned and mocked.

  3. Dolan is as chummy as you can get with unrepentant sodomists whose only goal is to destroy what remains of the moral fiber of the Catholic faithful. You’d think that would earn him a pile of chits with the Dems, but if what he wants conflicts with their deranged progressive political agenda he shouldn’t be surprised to get treated like a worn-out dishrag.

  4. The Catholic church is hardly the litmus test for decency.

  5. Good for the Cardinal.

    DeBlasio, Schumer, Biagi…a collection of criminals.

  6. 4:07….in 10 words you spoke volumes…the posters b4 you validated it…

  7. Agree with the Cardinal on this. Demi have so many principles in line with The Church, and yet they shun the connection.

  8. 301, one of the most unrepentant sodomites as you call them in ny was francis cardinal spellman.

  9. Its OK to hate on the Catholic church in 2018.
    That’s what I was taught in school.

  10. Many, many Catholic faithful are not complicit in the least with the moral depravity among the priests. They remain faithful and are further growing in their faith, but are sadly struggling to hear the shepherd’s voice. The baneful influence of the Modernist heresy seeks to rot the faith from the inside out until the whole structure of the institutional Church can appear to outsiders to be at risk of collapse. The moral misbehavior of bishops and cardinals is a symptom of this modernist-fomented rot and should therefore never be considered in isolation from other such symptoms if one seeks to understand the true plight of the church. The Catholic laity still desperately need true spiritual leadership but the same is becoming harder and harder to find in any given diocese. The public weaknesses of many of our prelates really do tend to scandalize the faithful and cause many to turn away from the faith. It’s a shame but it takes time to recover with backsliding always being a possibility (or a present reality).

  11. But they seem to love the current commie pope.

  12. 8:22am, by this late date, the lay Catholic faithful are, admittedly, a rag-tag remnant. Regrettably, when the former Cardinal Bergoglio opens his mouth to speak, or dips his pen to write, they do not hear their shepherd’s voice. In other words, their sensus fidelium tells them: “This can’t be correct.”

  13. “But they seem to love the current commie pope.”
    Yes… the commie democrats love him.

  14. As a Democrat, I deplore the extremes of the new NY bill. Sadly the Republicans, who claim to be pro-life, have an agenda that blocks any addressing of the issues that detract from the quality of life of anyone but the wealthy. They refuse to even talk about the issues of our excessive gun culture, allowing concealed carry in churches, bars, and other places where such behavior is ludicrous. They
    support tax giveaways for the rich, that have not the slightest obligations to create jobs or do anything for the middle class. They support private prisons which have been shown to be thoroughly exploitive, and which the Obama administration was working to phase out. Consumer protection? Not under Trump. And so many other issues. Very sad. These are some of the factors that lead poor people to abort their children, certainly an abomination.

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